Colbert Animated Cartoon: Fox News Hosts Are 'Boot-Licking Garbage Slingers'

February 16th, 2020 11:47 PM

Liberals love nothing more than to trash the Fox News Channel as a propaganda network for President Trump. That narrative played out on the February 16 episode of Showtime’s Our Cartoon President in an episode titled “Fox News” that treats the president's relationship with Fox News like a dysfunctional marriage.

Cartoon President Trump is angry with the network after he sees Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg being interviewed by Chris Wallace. After the hosts of Fox and Friends stand him up when he calls into the show for an interview via telephone due to breaking news of a North Korean missile test, Trump’s ego is bruised. He decides to break up with them and search for another network to do his bidding. He chooses to court CNN.



President Trump: Obviously, I take care of my body. I have a demanding job, but I don't take it too seriously. I have stupid kids. I hope that's okay. What else? Oh, on the weekends, I like to get out of the city and visit my lawyers in prison. What's your deal?

Wolf Blitzer: We usually don't have the President on our network. It's mostly just me yelling at a 400-inch iPad.

Erin Burnett: Or passing along debate questions to whoever the DNC tells us to.

Trump: This is all new to me, too. I mean, I just got out of a really toxic relationship. It's like I do everything right, and they still criticize me 24 seconds a day, seven days a year. I'm sorry I'm not perfect! I'm sorry I tweet out their home addresses if they use the wrong adjective to describe my jaw line. I'm just quirky! I'm sorry. I-I-I promised myself I wouldn't talk about my ex!

Chris Cuomo: Hey, look at me. I see're the President. And you deserve a network that respects you through every one of your public manic episodes.

Trump: Thank you.

Anderson Cooper: Why don't we bring you home?

Trump: Okay. I live in the White House. And it's hell!

During an odd dinner with Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, and Joe Biden, Trump decides to yank Fox’s FCC license because of Hannity’s new relationship with Biden.

FNC decides to move to London since the network lost its FCC license but Trump convinces them to stay and work with him again. By the end of the episode, Trump and the Fox hosts are friends again.



President Trump: Come on, Fox News! Say yes! It just feels right!

Hannity: Look, you've gotta let us interview Democrats! The more fair and balanced we appear, the more we can do for you!

Trump: Nope. Sorry. Too insecure.

Hannity: Ah! What do you say, Rupert? –

Rupert Murdoch: It's moot now. His propeller ruined the damn jet!

Trump: Invoice me! I'll ignore it!

Hannity: Trump, you son of a bitch. Let's do it! Let's reestablish our destructive co-dependent relationship. 

Trump: Come here, you boot-licking garbage slingers!

That’s the problem for the rest of the networks when they criticize FNC as merely a mouthpiece for President Trump – it is the only news network that really presents both parties' opinions. They do have Democrats as well as Republicans on the shows. The other networks barely even bother to hide their liberal bias anymore, they choose to only present the side of the Democrats, while only using Never Trump Republicans to appear balanced. The news is as painfully distorted as Stephen Colbert's lame attempt at animated comedy.