‘The Good Fight:’ Country Star ‘Can’t Stay Neutral’ Against Trump

Does loyalty to a resistance group full of Trump-hating liberal women overrule disapproval of ugly, aggressive tactics against a conservative Country-Western singer’s transitioning sister? Yes, apparently it does if you are an unhinged leftist.

In the April 4 episode of The Good Fight, titled “The One with Lucca Becoming a Meme,” the Trump-deranged Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) convinces her colleague Liz Riddick (Audra McDonald) to attend a meeting of her resistance group. Liz reluctantly agrees though she has “had her fill of left-wing anger.” During the meeting, a plan to swing voters in the key states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania back to voting Democrat in the 2020 presidential election is hatched.

The group decides to bring in a conservative celebrity influencer who can get out the vote of younger voters and independents, too, as Taylor Swift did during the 2018 midterm elections. The women chose Country-Western singer Sabrina Wynne, who is a client of Diane and Liz’s law firm. Unfortunately for the liberal women, Sabrina doesn’t want to make any political statements, she wants to remain neutral. She’s all about love and wants to make that her message. As she explains to Diane and Liz, she needs both her left and right hands to play guitar.

And, just like that, the resistance group photoshops Sabrina’s head onto a body at the Charlottesville rally with neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Sabrina holds her ground until the resistance group, unbeknown to Diane and Liz, makes a neo-Nazi named PAnon aware of Sabrina’s transgender sister and the harassment and threats begin. She's concerned that her sister will end up committing suicide because of all the publicity.

With that development, Sabrina wants to make a political message and deliver the votes necessary in the next election to defeat conservatives. Lovely. Only at the very end of the episode do Diane and Liz find out that their group was responsible for the harassment. Diane and Liz are shocked as one woman says they do these things because they work. The motto of the group is “do what works,” you know.



Ironically, Diane and Liz succumb to the very nastiness that they claim President Trump uses. To use a very popular word in the age of Trump, they are complicit.

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