‘Star’ Plot Twist: An Illegal Alien Discovers His Status, Told He's Not 'Safe'

April 12th, 2018 12:40 AM

I would like to say that the April 11 episode of Fox’s Star, titled “Dreamers,” included a surprise random plot twist but the fact is that this show seems to thrive on random plot twists. In this episode, a character randomly discovers that he is an illegal alien.

The show opens showing a woman being brutally beaten in an ICE detention center as Angel Rivera (Evan Ross) records a song in the music studio, interspersed with a video clip of former President Clinton’s remarks about illegal aliens in a State of the Union address is played and then shortly after that, a video clip of President Trump’s remark that the Mexicans coming here illegally are rapists and other criminals is played.



But it's not until well into the show before we learn that singer Angel is an illegal alien and it was his mother who was the woman beaten by ICE at the beginning. What? Where did that come from? Illegal immigration is one of the very few issues that haven’t been a part of this show. Angel’s mother had abandoned him long ago and suddenly appears in this episode. She wants him to know that he is in America illegally.

It turns out that the random ICE scene was with Angel's mother from all those years ago when she was detained before her deportation. Her story goes that she was an immigrant on a work visa from Dominican Republican and Angel was just a baby. She was in America with a work visa but it had expired. She married Angel’s stepfather. When she was pulled over for running a red light, she was deported for not having legal proof of residence and she told authorities that her husband was Angel’s father. Angel’s stepfather had phony documents made for Angel. So, Angel didn’t know of his immigration non-status.



Angel: Mom. I want you to meet Simone. She's my wife. And this is my mother.

Paola: Wife?

Simone: I didn't know your mom was in town.

Paola: I-I didn't know you were married.

Jahil: No, he's just, he's just helping her out.

Angel: Mind your business, tío.

Jahil: You are my business, boy.

Paola: Son. I got a call from your dad. ICE is looking for you.

Jahil: ICE? What're you talking about, ICE? Why-why would Immigration be looking for him?

Paola: Jahil, your brother is not Angel's real father.Your real father is Dominican, like me.

Angel: What are you talking about?

Paola: I came to the States, oh, with you on my hip and a work visa. When my work visa expired, I-I decided to stay anyway. I ran one red light, and got pulled over, and... and they deported me. I wanted a better life for you, so I lied and said you were Javier's, and he made up fake papers. But... but now I think that Immigration knows something.

Angel: So what are you saying?

Paola: You're an undocumented immigrant. And as long as you are here in the States, you aren't safe.

In last week’s episode, Angel married 17-year-old Simone (Brittany O'Grady) to keep her from having to go back to juvenile hall after she lost her legal guardian’s court-approved arrangement. When Simone suggests they can stay married longer than they originally agreed to – until she’s 18 years old – if it would help his case, he tells her that it won’t help him with this mess. After that, we are just left hanging on this plot development.

It is right to note that this episode blamed both political parties for illegal immigration with the clips of both Clinton and Trump. Unfortunately, the script also included typical liberal Hollywood dredge about evil ICE agents beating those being detained. Sigh.