CNN Host Bill Weir Mocks 'Arrogant Ignorance' of Climate Change Deniers

CNN’s left-wing show host Bill Weir was a guest on the November 17 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea, titled “Singing, Storms and Stoned Spelling.” His show, Wonder List, takes him around the world, so standard liberal talking points were flying as Chelsea Handler interviewed him.

Most of all, the CNN journalist proves that self-awareness is hard. Handler asks about journalism today and his journalist standards, “What is the rule of thumb for a journalist, because you’re supposed to have opinions all the time? Isn’t there some sort of …?” she trails off.

Naturally, this self-righteous sermonizing is about the cherished liberal topic of climate change. “Of course, and so I usually err on the side of science and find the smartest people, the most established and well-respected. We used to be a country that really celebrated a long resume and people paid their dues, academics - both journalist, and academics. Now there’s this attitude of --- It’s either ignorant arrogance or arrogant ignorance,” Weir responds. He then dons an accent and mocks, “I don’t know anything about rocket science but climate change is a hoax.” All discussions come back to that on the left, am I right?

Admitting skepticism is something unfamiliar to him, Weir asks about climate change skeptics, “What do you do with somebody that thinks that way? The truth has been weaponized.” Yeah, buddy, and conservatives agree on that point – the truth has been weaponized. Conservatives are pleased that the U.S. is “the only country in the world that’s not in the Paris Climate Accord,” as Weir bemoans.

Weir’s show is now in its third season. He travels the world to “educate” viewers about various countries and cultures. He focuses on “environmental changes and social changes.” He sang the praises of Iceland because the culture there is strongly feminist and secular. Marriage is not important in Iceland and the country has the highest percentage of unwed mothers, so that’s super cool to marriage-hating Chelsea Handler. Of marriage, she asks, “What’s the big deal?”

And, of course, President Trump enters the conversation. Asked what the opinion of the people of Iceland is of President Trump, Weir says Icelanders think “we’ve lost our minds. To go from this constitutional law professor to a reality show host, people really can’t figure it out.” Speaking of weaponized truth, I laugh at the continued claim that Obama is a constitutional scholar given how many times the Supreme Court of the United States overturned his executive orders - the statistics are staggering. Plus, he was an adjunct professor instead of the full professor implied here. Frankly, the “reality show host” is living the American dream, isn’t he? Last time I checked, anyone can be president if the requirements are met. The left continues to try and de-legitimatize Trump’s presidency.

Weir tells another story, too. He speaks of going to Bhutan. Bhutan “only got television in 2001.” He says “everyone” has a satellite dish, though. Going into a 200-year-old farmhouse to speak with a little old woman, he says her very first sentence to him was, “Is Donald Trump for real?” He embellishes, “And this was before he had won.” Yeah, okay. Color me skeptical.

Another week, another liberal guest lecturing those flyover Americans outside the liberal bubble. Self-awareness is hard.

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