Fox’s ‘Star’ Celebrates National Coming Out Day with Transgender Masturbation Scene

Wednesday, October 11th was National Coming Out Day for the LGBTQ community and the Fox show Star episode titled “FUA…Good Night” threw in a transgender masturbation scene for good measure. As far as I know, that is a first in the arena of forcing the trans agenda onto the general public.

The character Cotton, played by real life transgender actress Amiyah Scott, performs the act while showering and fantasizing about sexual intercourse. She/he is interrupted by Star (Jude Demorest), though, as she has to use the bathroom. How’s that for starting off a show?

Star: Cot, please open the door, I got to pee. Come on, I been waiting so long.

Cotton: When did you start waking up so early?

Star: Since I had to start grinding to get this album spot. You gonna let me in or not?

Cotton: Come on, you'll get it. I miss you.

Star: Miss you more. Careful touching your hair. You still got stuff on your hand. I'm not getting in that shower for two weeks. Ew.

Ew. That was my thought, too.

No matter how many shows begin to incorporate scenes like this with transgender actors, the fact remains that the behavior is not a normal one for the vast majority of America. The trans community makes up a miniscule percentage of the population and many professionals in the mental health community consider it a mental health issue.

The inclusion of Cotton’s shower scene seemed random and unnecessary until I was reminded that it was National Coming Out Day and Fox had worked an LGBT coming out moment into Empire. Hollywood never misses an opportunity to take advantage of viewers by debasing popular culture every chance it gets. This episode proved that.

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