'Legends of Chamberlain Heights' Teens Fake Gayness to Get Girls

August 14th, 2017 12:47 AM

In the August 13 episode of Comedy Central’s Legends of Chamberlain Heights, the absurdity of mandatory niceness to gays in order to support their social agenda is mocked and explained. It’s Homecoming Weekend at Duncan High and the Legends see a chance to get dates with popular girls.

Grover, Jamal and Milk pretend to be gay after discovering girls give them more attention when they do. Andre, a high heel-wearing gay student takes advantage of this and demands the guys become his “slaves” to work on his Homecoming float – a gay pride float that is all about him. Andre is running for Homecoming Queen – of course – and also demands the guys help him in his campaign. He tells the Legends he has to be Homecoming Queen because “that’s what I identify as.” Oh, boy.

In order to win the Homecoming Queen vote against the popular girl, Cindy, a pastor’s daughter and the object of Grover’s affection, Andre makes the Legends break into the school’s office and stuff the ballot boxes. “I could shoot a bitch in the middle of the hallway and they would still vote for me,” Andre says, in a twist of a Trump campaign quote. Andre wins with 114% of the vote. Election fraud, anyone? At the school assembly, he thanks himself first for his victory for his “courage” and pledges to “Make Duncan Great Again” – more not-so-veiled references to Trump.

Andre tells Cindy that he was only pretending to be her best friend to become Homecoming Queen and then he chooses Jamal to be Homecoming King. When Jamal turns Andre down, the principal tells Jamal he can’t do that – he has no choice but to agree. If he refuses, “it’s discrimination.” “We don’t want a lawsuit around here. Or worse, a concert by Lady Gaga.”

The Legends finally snap out of it and seek revenge on Andre for treating people badly. They enlist the help of a gay football player, who tells them that there are two kinds of gays – the sassy bullies and the proud gays. He helps the Legends take out Andre during the Homecoming parade with paintballs. Andre’s Vera Wang gown, on loan, is ruined, as is his Instagram opportunity.

The clincher was at the very end of the episode. A character pops up and introduces himself by saying, “Oh, hi there. I’m Phil. I work here on Legends of Chamberlain Heights. I’m also gay, or, if you prefer, 'homo'.” He goes on – “Anyway, wasn’t that a fun episode? We sure did laugh a lot today but you know what isn’t funny? Violence against people who dare to be different. Unless they’re assholes and they deserve it. And that’s the moral of today’s story. Well, I’m going to go suck a d*** now since that is all the writers think I do all day. Remember, gay people are Legends…” And, scene.

In today’s world, it is refreshing to see gay people make fun of themselves and the militant wing of their social agenda who demand respect without earning any. No doubt an episode about transgender people will be in the works soon.