CNN's Don Lemon Admits Trump Derangement Is Dangerous

During the June 16 episode of Netflix’s Chelsea titled “Tear Down These Walls,” CNN anchor Don Lemon let slip a bit of real news – he thinks that Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well among progressives in America and he thinks it is dangerous.

After opening the interview by asking Chelsea Handler, “What the hell is going on in the world?” he admitted that impeachment (what all the progressives are demanding these days) won’t happen with President Trump as long as Republicans are in control of Congress. He thinks that Trump Derangement Syndrome is dangerous - because it gives progressives false hope: “Everyone’s thinking, 'When is he going? When is he going to be impeached?'” Naturally this led to the inevitable comparison to Watergate and how tough it is to impeach or send a sitting president to jail.

Isn’t it interesting that progressives are so impatient about the impeachment process moving forward yet no one ever states exactly what would be the high crimes and misdemeanors that would trigger such action. The man has only been in office for less than six months, after all.

Lemon admits he no longer does interviews with guests he thinks spin the truth. He uses the example of Kellyanne Conway, senior counsel to President Trump. Chelsea took the opportunity to show a split screen shot of CNN’s Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes at Conway during a recent interview. So much for a love of the First Amendment, right, CNN? What about the spin artists on the left? Voices sounding different than a show anchor will be denied an opportunity to speak. Lemon does admit that CNN had no choice but to fire liberal comedienne Kathy Griffin after her terroristic stunt of holding a bloody head in the likeness of President Trump – “CNN didn’t have an alternative” but to fire Griffin, he said.

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