ABC's ‘Quantico’ Smears Trump Supporter Peter Thiel in Terror Plot Storyline

May 9th, 2017 2:44 AM

The showrunner of ABC’s Quantico said they would be “substituting Trump for terrorism” but in the May 5 episode, titled “RAINBOW,” they manage to combine both. A character with a name almost identical to real life President Trump supporter and tech mogul Peter Thiel is used in a terror plot to hijack airplanes using a money sharing app.

In order to garner more support from the American people for his Muslim travel ban and registry, new Republican President Henry Roarke (Dennis Boutsikaris) and the “Collaborators” terrorist group plot an attack using an app on the cell phones of unsuspecting Muslim airplane passengers. Using the fictitious name Peter Theo, the writers have thinly disguised (the showrunner even admitted it) the name of Trump friend Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley billionaire and the founder of PayPal. The show’s Peter Theo just happens to have an identical app called “FriendFund.” Real subtle.

Will: This is the avionics technology, courtesy of the developers at ENGIN Industries and their pitiful firewall. There's a line of code buried in the emergency systems that could give someone remote control of the entire plane. 

Ryan: That must be how they're gonna hijack a plane or two.

Will: Yes. But commercial avionics don't communicate with ground-based systems. For security purposes, they can only be accessed on board. 

Alex: What if you're on board with, like, a cellphone or a laptop? Could you access this backdoor that way? 

Will: Certainly. But you'd need a system with exactly the right code. 

Raina: Peter Theo is one of the biggest tech developers in the world. His apps are on millions of cell phones. 

Shelby: Theo's biggest app, FundFriend, just released an update last week.

Will:  On it. 

Alex: What do you want to bet we're gonna find a line of code that allows it to control the avionics system? 

Owen: Did you ever imagine we'd be working together someday back when you thought I was a bad guy? 

Miranda: Who says you're a good guy? 

Raina: First, what I don't understand is, why hide the trigger in an app?

Ryan: Security? If somebody accessed your phone, they wouldn't discover it. 

Miranda: No, no. Raina's right. FundFriend is the biggest app to move money. Why hide a code in an app that's used by – 

Shelby: 197 million people.

Miranda: Exactly. When only a handful of suicide bombers need it? 

Matthew: Unless they're not suicide bombers. I've been working trusted Company sources and assets. No one's heard chatter of any terrorist event of any kind. So, how do you stage a terrorist event without terrorists? 

Raina: Who says they have to be terrorists? They framed me without me even being there. Maybe they're going to use people's phones without them knowing? 

Alex: Turn unwitting passengers into hijackers? 

Owen: They can use the app to make anyone they want to into a terrorist. 

Matthew: If that's true, we'd never be able to find every passenger on a commercial flight today using FundFriend. That's -- It's impossible.

Meanwhile, the evil Republican President Roarke is portrayed as the stereotype of every conservative’s dream with all the executive orders he has signed in his first week in office. Roarke has signed orders for the Muslim travel ban and registry to protect Americans, strengthened the military, increased border security, and wants a plan from the military on how to defeat ISIS.

When the team of FBI and CIA agents and operatives thwarts the terrorist plot, so no planes were hijacked by innocent Muslim passengers using Peter Thiel’s – I mean Peter Theo – app, President Roarke brings them to the White House for a press conference to bolster his call for a Constitutional Convention as a vehicle to combine and re-build the FBI and the CIA. In his speech, he uses Hillary Clinton’s campaign theme of “Stronger Together.” LOL.

Roarke: Too often, when a President has to talk to Americans about acts of terrorism, it's with a heavy heart. But, today, I stand before you without that heavy heart. And while the threat of radicals is never far from our front door, today, it didn't make it. There was almost a terrorist attack today. But it was stopped by a group of FBI and CIA agents working on an off-book mission to protect our country from its greatest threat -- those who hate us for our freedoms. The world is safer because of the acts of this group of brave souls. And while they work in the shadows, I believe you should know their faces and applaud them for their heroism. Now, these are the very same men and women that helped bring an end to the G20 hostage crisis last September, which, recent intelligence revealed, was not an act of outside force, but an internal battle between our own agencies. We live in divided times. But the time for that divide is over. Today the FBI and the CIA worked together to help keep our country safe. Now, this was your mother's legacy. And I commend her for blazing this trail seeing that we work stronger together, instead of against one another. So, we will not only rebuild both our intelligence agencies from scratch, we will combine them to help rebuild the faith and trust of the American people. It's time our country unites, and the Constitutional Convention in 100 days will be a bold step in that process. We not only can be safe and free, we will be. We are the United States of America, and we hold our freedoms close. We protect them. We must always be the land of opportunity and the land of peace.

The results of the 2016 election continue to be hard to swallow for many leftists in America, including lots of Hollywood writers who are determined to make their feelings known through the dialogue they create. Naturally, a Republican president will be made to look treasonous and in this case, a potential murderer. The rest of us are just trying to move on.