ABC Comedy 'Last Man Standing' Compares Sore Losers to Hillary Clinton

March 17th, 2017 10:26 PM

In “Heavy Meddle,” Friday night's episode of ABC’s Last Man Standing, Ryan (Jordan Masterson) and Kristin (Amanda Fuller), the show’s more liberal thinking couple, are worried that Kyle (Christoph Sanders) and Mandy (Molly Ephraim) wouldn’t be smart enough to participate in an escape room challenge.

After playing a game of Trivial Pursuit with Mandy and Kyle one night, Kristin and Ryan enjoy feeling intellectually superior to the younger couple – you know, like in regular life when liberals mock conservatives as their intellectual inferiors. Discovering that the couple originally invited to take part in an escape room adventure with them couldn’t make it, Mandy and Kyle invited themselves to complete the four member team.

The joke was on the smarty-pants liberals, though. Mandy and Kyle proved to have plenty of common sense to solve the puzzle hints and ended up solving the mystery and winning the challenge without any help from Kristin and Ryan. They were sore losers. Then Ryan brought in a recent political sore loser into the conversation. As Kyle innocently tried to explain that losing isn’t the end of the world and leads to winning later, Ryan said that “looking at losing as a win” was straight out of Hillary Clinton’s world.

Ryan:  Uh, no. You won. Yeah. Kris and I didn't even do anything.

Kristin: Yeah, if this were a competition, you would've kicked our asses.

Kyle: So, you're upset because you feel like you lost?

Ryan: Yeah, losing sucks.

Kyle: We lose all the time, but we still enjoy ourselves. You have to learn to look at losing as a win.

Ryan: You sound like Hillary Clinton's therapist.

Mandy: It's okay, Kyle, he doesn't get it.

Zing! Ryan and Kristin aren’t nearly as smart and clever as they think they are, just like today’s political liberals and bitter Hillary supporters.