Rich White Guy Loses to Millennial Environmentalist on CBS’s ‘Pure Genius’

CBS's Pure Genius is certainly on the liberal bandwagon for its freshman (and looking to be final) season. This time, we have a Silicon Valley rich guy being Erin Brockoviched by James Bell (Augustus Prew).

On Thursday night's episode, "Hero Worship," a patient is admitted to Bunker Hill with a rare disease known as “vanishing lung syndrome” (VLS). James Bell does research to discover how she may have contracted the disease, and discovers its origin from factories that used to operate in Silicon Valley.

James: Got to wondering, how does a payroll clerk from Silicon Valley contract a rare disease like VLS without any family history or DNA markers? 
Dr. Wallace: It must be an environmental contamination. But what would cause vls here in Silicon Valley? 
James: Well, before tech companies moved their production facilities overseas, they used to manufacture computers and semiconductors right here in town. 
Dr. Wallace: And they often used materials that are now linked to respiratory diseases, like VLS.
James: Then, when the tech boom really took off, low-income residents like Claudia were moved into new housing projects, some of which were built on the same sites as those old factories. 
Dr. Wallace: But if your theory's correct and it is industrial contamination, there should be a greater concentration of respiratory cases in Ms. Guerrero's neighborhood. 
James: That's the location of her new home. Pulling up all reported respiratory cases in the county... 
Dr. Wallace: I hate it when you're right. 

Dr. Wallace, you’re a genius! Of course, it’s the environment poisoned by evil manufacturers! Why would this show ever have an explanation that doesn't advance the liberal agenda?

James’s research into the older tech companies leads to his idol, Douglas Prescott (David Paymer), “one of the original pioneers of the microchip.” At Douglas’s house, the two discuss the issue, with Douglas saying he wants to work on it. James leaves with a souvenir from his idol.

Back at Bunker Hill, James is met with a cease and desist from Douglas, who denies any claim to the patient’s health problems. Devastated, James confronts him again, but with a vengeance, even comparing him to a - gasp - climate change denier!

Douglas: This problem has nothing to do with me or my company. 
James: Your early generation of microchips used cadmium. Which is well known to be linked to respiratory diseases. 
Douglas: Yes, but not from secondary exposure in topsoil. And certainly not after 30 years. 
James: Actually, the research on the matter is pretty conclusive. 
Douglas: No, I'll think you'll find, on closer examination, that there is no real scientific consensus. 
James: Except that there is. Suggesting otherwise is like denying climate change. There's an obvious link here.

Douglas: Look, this is more likely an example of apophenia. Seeing patterns where there are none.
James: I... Thank you. 
Douglas: Look, I-I wish you all the best with your patients, and-and I thank you for coming by.
James: Wait, hold on a minute. A woman is dying. 16 other people that are already infected. You have to take responsibility for this. 
Douglas: Mr. Bell, connecting any of this to me is scientifically unverifiable and legally indemonstrable. Do not pursue this any further.
James: I'm not gonna let you cover this up. 
Douglas: Look, I made Silicon Valley what it is today. And you, on the other hand, are the flavor of the month. So trust me when I say you do not want to go up against me. 
Good day, Mr. Bell. 
James: I wouldn't be who I am if it weren't for you, that's true. You should know I'm not afraid of you. Not afraid to go against you, either. 
Douglas: Well, then you're just as foolish as I assumed.
James: I have nowhere to hang this after all. 

No surprise James uses climate change as a basis for his argument. Liberals love painting those who question global warming hysteria as idiots impervious to scientific facts.

As the episode concludes, James enlists the help of Douglas in building a new artificial lung for the patient in exchange for dropping all accusations.

After the lung proves successful, James invites the media to Bunker Hill and announces (without prior discussion) that Douglas will financially aid all those affected by the pathogens to move and get medical attention. Always making the rich guy pay in the end - that’s a Hollywood happy ending for ya!

The real joy will come when this show airs its final episode. Here’s to one less liberal drama in 2017! 

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