Bluff City Law Exposes Corrupt General on Veteran’s Day

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It was general versus general this Veteran’s Day on NBC’s Bluff City Law.

After a malfunctioning GPS product kills several soldiers in misdirected airstrikes, Elijah Strait’s former mistress Gen. Virginia Howe seeks Strait and Associates help to expose the faulty product before it claims more lives.

General Howe and another officer, Lieutenant Aaron Shepherd have both experienced the GPS malfunction that cost military lives. They fear that the impending wider rollout of the GPS prototype from Nomatis Industries will claim many more. When Shepherd’s testimony appears insufficient to win the case, Howe risks her career by offering to testify.

Elijah and Sydney smell a cover up, especially when a room full of top brass and a Department of Defense (DOD) attorney show up to get the case dismissed for national security reasons before it even takes place.

Judge Abe Taggard caves to the DOD, but Sydney and her half-brother Emerson (Howe’s son) keep looking for a way to pursue it. They find proof that General Ardmore, the very general who got the case dismissed on national security grounds, owns a 7 percent stake in Nomatis Industries.

Armed with that information, the Straits convince Judge Taggard to hear testimony. In a closed court, Sydney gets Ardmore on the stand and confronts him with his stock ownership in Nomatis and his “shell company” that helped conceal what would be perceived by many as a conflict of interest.



She also asks him about the times he abruptly sold his stock, pointing out that the dates correspond with the two GPS malfunctions Howe and Shepherd experienced.

The DOD attorney requests to see the judge in chambers without Ardmore present, and after returning to the courtroom she tells Howe and Shepherd that the Secretary of Defense is having all the Nomatis GPS units recalled and the rollout suspended until malfunctions are fixed. Elijah adds that General Ardmore was also put on leave pending an investigation into his actions.

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