British Rowing Bans Transgenders from Women's Division

August 3rd, 2023 11:00 AM

The LGBT movement has brainwashed many people into believing that it's a form of hatred if you don’t let transgenders compete in women’s sports. As a result, they’ve been successful in getting sports leagues and organizations to obey their demands and allow people like swimmer Lia Thomas to compete against women in the name of “inclusion.”

But they haven’t gotten to everyone.

British Rowing (BR) announced that it will no longer allow transgendered females (biological men) to compete in its women’s division. Originally, it had allowed for transgenders to enter this category if they met a certain set of medical requirements, but that's no longer the case.

“In order to achieve this in a fair manner, we need to establish conditions for competition that guarantee fair and meaningful competition by placing necessary and proportionate restrictions on eligibility,” BR said in a statement. “Our policy has been developed following extensive and ongoing research and consultation with stakeholders, the rowing community, academics, and other relevant organizations, and is based on the scientific evidence available at this time.”

The “scientific evidence available at this time” is, of course, the same evidence that has been available throughout human existence: men have numerous, distinct physical advantages over women. When men and women are forced to compete against each other, the men frequently win, especially in an endurance sport like rowing. And now, this organization is choosing to align itself with scientific evidence, common sense and truth.

BR joins British Cycling, Fina (which governs swimming), and World Athletics (which oversees track and field) in having similar policies on transgendered athletes. BR’s new policy will become effective on September 11 once the current season concludes.