Andscape Blames Guns - Not Ja Morant - For Gun Videos

May 18th, 2023 8:46 AM

By now you’ve probably heard about Memphis Grizzlies point guard Ja Morant and his gun-brandishing antics. He’s made an apology (albeit a very half-hearted one) and steps are being taken by the NBA to hold him accountable.

But some people in progressive media circles are trying to make it seem like Morant shouldn’t face harsh consequences. Moreover, they are saying that Morant using a gun isn't as indicative of anything being wrong with Morant as it is about America’s problem with guns.

Who is saying these preposterous things, you might ask? The world-leader in race-baiting: the sports site Andscape.

Let’s recap: Morant has posted videos of himself brandishing a gun not once, but twice on Instagram Live in just over two months. His “recovery time” after the first suspension involved missing eight games and attending a few counseling sessions, which was a slap on the wrist given the circumstances and clearly did nothing to get the lesson through his head.

But putting all that aside - including several other instances of him acting like a thug off the court - Andscape and its reporter Martenzie Johnson still believe that guns are the bigger issue in these situations, and not Morant himself.

Johnson started his argument that guns are too prevalent in American society and that they lead to acts of gun violence. The reporter - or should I say, propaganda writer? - then criticized America for allowing citizens to own guns in the first place.

“He is just a product of his environment. And not in the came-from-the-ghetto sense,” Johnson said. “He’s a product of America. An America that has an unconditional love of firearms.” 

A Glock did not persuade Morant to pick it up and start waving it around on social media. And once again, leftists have shifted the blame from the guy who used a gun irresponsibly to America as a whole, because America is always to blame for problems progressives see.

But the real kicker of Johnson’s argument is when he suggested the outrage over Morant’s actions is because Americans don’t like seeing black people owning guns. 

“He’s not the visual representation of gun ownership that this country seeks out…He’s viewed as just another ghetto boy from the inner city who brings back memories of the crime-ridden 1980s and 1990s,” Johnson said.

“Morant watched as the George Zimmermans and Kyle Rittenhouses of the world were celebrated, so why would he see a problem in waving a firearm around in a nightclub for his hundreds of live watchers?,” Johsnon continued.

Well, the big difference between these cases is that Morant used the gun to act like a thug for clicks and likes, while the others were highly publicized trials that were both deemed self-defense. So there’s that.

Furthermore, if Americans don’t like it when black people own guns, why were there so many who applauded Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears when she posed for a picture with an AR-15?

No matter what topic they are discussing, Andscape and its writers consistently prove that they cannot assess a situation without claiming that racism is affecting the situation, and it leads to some pretty awful arguments and “journalism.”