Packers O-Lineman Calls Out Biden For Scripted Interviews

May 15th, 2023 11:58 AM

It is a miracle that President Joe Biden has lasted three years in office, but he couldn’t have done it without help. Like, a lot of help.

One way we know this is true is that whenever Biden speaks at a press conference, he is given a script of what to say when answering questions from the media. Not only that, but he is told in advance who will be asking him questions, what questions they will ask, and how to answer them, apparently being so mentally incapable of interacting with people that his handlers have to do it for him.

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari finds this unacceptable, and he should. He compared White House press conferences to “plays” and highlighted that Biden’s cohort goes way too far in trying to cover up his deficiencies.

He couldn’t have said it better. Frankly, non-scripted interviews would at the very least be funny to watch, because Biden can barely form a coherent sentence unless he is told what to say.

On a more serious note, most Americans wish that they didn’t have a president who was so unable to function on his own that he needs a thoroughly scripted press conference manual to make it through. Biden is a shell of his former self, and that's unlikely to improve.

But the real people in charge at the White House - whoever they are - will ensure that they do what they can to make it seem like Biden actually has his faculties together, just to make you think he's not completely lost. But even with thorough planning, that's a hard thing to do.