Stan Van Gundy Thinks Jan. 6 Is A Bigger Problem Than Inflation

June 14th, 2022 1:55 PM

Inflation has driven prices to ridiculous highs, but in Stan Van Gundy’s mind, that’s not the biggest problem facing the country.

The TNT NBA commentator and former NBA coach is more concerned with what happened on Jan. 6 and how that affected our country than with the skyrocketing prices of inflation that are making every American feel the weight of our country’s downward spiral.

On Sunday, Van Gundy tweeted out what he thinks does not constitute a controversial opinion.

While the Jan. 6 riots certainly shouldn’t be overlooked, the amount of attention we are giving to an event that happened a year and a half ago is quite puzzling and frankly ridiculous.

There should be no hearings that discuss the ramifications of the event, no political theater to distract Americans from a host of other problems that truly do affect our everyday lives.

Furthermore, it is somewhat ironic that a guy that makes millions through coaching and broadcasting is giving a lecture to average Americans that actually have to grapple with how to make it in life with a normal salary. 

Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul spoke for the majority of Americans when he tweeted out his thoughts on those who voted for Biden and think it was a good choice.