AZ Teachers Union: Parents 'Drama Queens' For Demanding Transparency

April 13th, 2022 3:24 PM

When kids go to school these days, they are not primarily being taught how to add, how to read, or how to perform science experiments. No, they are being taught how to identify their sexuality and how to approve of the LGTBQ+ agenda, from as young as four years old. 

Naturally, this has infuriated sane parents across the country, and over the past several months many have demanded that schools be more transparent with what is being taught in classrooms. What started in Loudoun County last year has spread across America, with parents rising up to demand that schools be more transparent with adults and stop indoctrinating their children with these ideologies.

But not everyone likes this, especially not in Arizona.

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According to AZ Free News, Dr. Dawn Penich-Thacker, the co-founder of Save Our Schools (SOSAZ, the largest teachers union in Arizona), is less than enthused that Arizona is considering passing legislation that will require Arizona public schools to have curriculum transparency with parents. SB1211, if passed, would require schools to publish a list of all its curriculum as well as teacher training materials and activities, on its website.

Penich-Thacker thinks that this is a result of parents caring too much about their children.

Wow, sounds like someone doesn't like their power being threatened.

But it is high time that teachers across the country are stripped of their ability to teach children about sexualization when those children haven't even reached kindergarten. 

Schools are not institutions where state-employed teachers have free reign to brainwash your children with whatever sex education material they want. They are a place where they should be nurtured into mastering basic academic subjects, while parents should be having discussions on sex and sexuality with their children. The fact that this is a controversial take is a sign that our nation needs a wake up call in our reasoning and perspective on how to raise children.

And that we need to get people like Penich-Thacker out of positions of influence in the education system.