Soccer Star/Woman of the Year Megan Rapinoe: Straight White Women Leaving Everyone Behind

March 13th, 2023 12:55 PM

If soccer players could score goals with their big mouths, Megan Rapinoe would have scored 10,000 times on the pitch by now. Late last week, she received one of Time magazine’s woman of the year awards and turned the awards ceremony into a thorough trashing of straight white women and the states attempting to ban transgender males from women’s sports.  

Like a shock jock, Rapinoe took the stage, with her underwear sticking up above her slacks, saying, “Ya all gotta be f**ked up, goin’ after (fellow woman of the year award winner) Angela Bassett and f**k you, man. This f**ked up.” It was all downhill from there for Rapinoe. Real classy. Nice selection there, Time. 

“White women have left black women—and everyone else—behind. Straight women leave queer women behind,” Rapinoe told those in the Los Angeles audience. “Let’s not be those kinds of people. Being a woman: make it expansive. Don’t ever leave anybody behind.

"Let’s bring everyone in and figure the rest out from there," she concluded.

Yeah, let’s turn the world into one big gender-confused mess and see what happens. What a splendid idea. And what a role model, she isn’t. 

Rapinoe went on to say she only won the Time award because of the attempted “genocide” and “erasure” of transgender people, offering up some gibberish on how people confused about their gender have created “a way to live a whole life and to be a whole person, whatever that may mean to you.”: 

“The way they refuse to live their life any other way than completely whole is so inspiring. I’m inspired by the invitation to be completely myself. They offer us a full view of what it means to be a human in the world. A whole opportunity to be the crazy ass human beings that we are. That’s a great gift.” 

But wait - I thought those trans people were being erased? Now they're boldly leading the charge?

Who can understand the jumbled mind of Rapinoe? 

So who’s really oppressed and who’s really being erased? It’s the female athletes from coast to coast who’ve been sidelined, marginalized and pushed to the curb by bigger, faster, stronger men with male chromosomes sporting makeup and girly hairstyles. 

Rapinoe acknowledged she carries a big chip on her lesbian shoulder. Though she calls it the pressure "to shrink, to soften, to disappear” — things that women have historically faced.

“We’re required to hold so much all of the time. Either carry the world on your back or you’ll be left behind,” she said. 

Unfortunately, nothing about the grandstanding Rapinoe’s presence on the world stage is indicative of any shrinkage or softening. She’s all big mouth, all rainbow rad, all the time - not to mention a terrible role model for young girls.