Spurs’ Popovich: Maybe We Wouldn’t Have Democracy Without Blacks

January 25th, 2022 12:18 PM

The irascible NBA coach Gregg Popovich went on another of his patented rants Sunday night before the San Antonio Spurs met the Philadelphia 76ers. The highly volatile Popovich accused Republican senators, along with Democrat senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, of exposing the nation to danger with selfishness. He also attacked GOP efforts to secure election integrity and said if it wasn’t for blacks, we wouldn’t have a democracy.

Popovich is a 72-year-old leftist who, for four years, ripped former President Donald Trump apart. He’s also a big advocate for gun control, social justice and Black Lives Matter.

Sen. Sinema (Ariz.-Dem) and Sen. Manchin (W.V.-Dem) are getting a lot of heat from angry Democrats for balking on a pet Democrat bill that would federalize elections. Both have to tread lightly because they represent conservative states. They can go along with the Democrats’ contentious Freedom to Vote Act and possibly blow their re-election chances in so doing. Or they can stand alongside the Republicans, oppose it and continue to be pariahs in their own party.

Popovich spares no mercy for compromisers or anyone opposing the Democrats’ bill:

“The Republican Senate will just not participate, they just will not. So, whatever can be done needs to be done. And Sinema and Manchin they get it, but they don’t get it. They know what’s going on. They understand. But there are more important things to them, and it’s damn selfish and dangerous to our country.”

Manchin and Sinema previously joined forces with Republicans to block the voting bill and Democrat proposals to change the filibuster rules that would make it easier for President Joe Biden and Democrats to push these bad bills forward.

“It’s just ironic to me,” Popovich railed. “Every time we take steps forward, you get the backlash. The fact that the voting rights issue is in the situation it’s in is just mind-boggling to me in one sense, because we’ve already gone through this back in the ’60s, and we know what the Supreme Court did earlier in gutting it.”

Then came an even outrageous Popovich statement. “But it’s like we don’t get it. It’s like, maybe there wouldn’t be a democracy if it wasn’t for Black people.”

Whatever that’s supposed to mean, it is one darn stupid comment by a guy who obviously would do better to stay in his basketball lane than openly display his foolishness.