Deadspin Writer Already Whining About Impending End of BLM Mania in Sports

August 6th, 2020 2:51 PM

Carron J. PhillipsAmerica's sports organizations are up to their eyeballs in social justice activism, but Deadspin writer Carron J. Phillips has already started complaining about impending apathy over Black Lives Matter. Nobody hates black people like Americans who act like they care about important issues, only to treat them like outdated agendas as soon as it no longer suits their interests, the race-baiter Phillips wrote.

At present, the sports world has finally acknowledged that black is beautiful, Phillips added. Entire basketball and baseball teams are kneeling during the national anthem, and WNBA players disrespectfully walk out of the arena beforehand.

"The NCAA is going to allow players to wear patches on their uniforms for racial justice, while the same will take place in the NFL on helmet decals," Phillips noted. "Black Lives Matter banners have been raised in places like Boston, while it’s been plastered all over NBA and WNBA courts. It’s truly been a moment."

Even with everything in sports dominated by the Marxist-founded Black Lives Matter now, Phillips was still pessimistic.:

"But, at some point, the unified kneeling will stop. The banners will come down. The stickers and decals will go away. And basketball courts will stop looking like hardwood billboards."

Phillips' story included a Tweet by another race-baiter, Howard Bryant, who charged that the current social justice protests are not even authentic:

Howard Bryant tweet

Also, on the recent TNT program The Arena, NBA player Draymond Green said: “It’s cool right now to yell Black Lives Matter, but in six months when everybody gets back to normal and it’s no longer cool are they still going to stand by those guys?” 

How do these race peddlers know the current social justice mania isn't genuine and will eventually fade away? Because, in the past, sports put on "a good front" over breast cancer awareness, CTE and domestic violence. "But after a while, the conversations stopped and it was back to business." And "business," for Phillips, has been creating race hysteria. Along with a few other gripes:

"It’s the same way with school shootings. Things have gotten so bad that they’ve become the norm. And remember those kids that were locked in cages after being taken away from their parents?

"Well, they’re still there.

"We’ve just stopped talking and “caring” about them."

The above issues convinced Phillips of the coming expiration date on the Black Lives Matters movement in sports. The United States, he said, is not governed by people who care enough about Black lives to keep this movement going.

The governing person Phillips hates the most is President Donald Trump. "Like clockwork, President Trump is doing everything he can to take away from this moment by claiming it to be something it’s not." According to Phillips, Trump runs to Fox News to spew his hatred. How original

Deadspin also chastised Oklahoma Republican Representative Sean Roberts for threatening to revoke tax breaks from the Oklahoma City Thunder if players took a knee. "The Thunder did so anyway, and nothing happened. Racists have a long history of being cowards," Phillips railed.

America was also given to fads that don't last. "If it’s trendy, we’re on it. And right now, caring about Black people is popular. But, for how long?" Phillips wonders.

Phillips also questiond the sincerity of TNT because it hasn't indicated it will keep The Arena going. The network created the show so that Black athletes can discuss race issues, he says, adding, "It was a special program for a special moment. Ongoing programming it is not."

Still finding more blame to go around, Phillips criticized NBA commentators for taking the safe route by misidentifying "racial justice" as "social justice." He tweeted that if one takes a shot every time a broadcaster says "social justice" instead of "racial justice" they'll pass out by halftime.

Phillips guaranteed that, in 2021, the sports world will get back to normal and he predicts, "Fewer players will kneel, and uniforms will have a more traditional look. Well, except for the WNBA, because that’s a league that has proved to us for years that they care about making an impact."

When that happens, don’t be surprised at that approach. It's "as American as racism and inequality," Phillips whined.