Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Profiles Winning Strategy for Dems to 'Make America America Again'

October 18th, 2019 10:00 AM

Fearing another loss by Democrats in the 2020 elections, would-be political adviser Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is offering a game plan to progressives in hopes that their nominee will defeat "liar and cheater" President Donald Trump in the UK Guardian.

Sports offers winning strategies for Democrats, Abdul-Jabbar writes. He chides Hillary Clinton for trying to run out the clock prior to the 2016 election, and the Trump-hater advises the 2020 Democrat nominee to be more aggressive. He said Clinton merely tried to protect her polling lead — "a strategy that can backfire if a team don’t [sic] exploit their strengths":

"Being a crowd favorite doesn’t win games or elections: Clinton won the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College. On election night when she lost, Clinton said, 'They were never going to let me be president.' They? It’s true that many Americans will always find an excuse to not vote for a woman, and pretend that it’s not women they don’t trust, just this woman. In the same way Trump supporters adamantly hate liars and cheats, just not this liar, and cheater. ..."

The former Lakers center fears that the 2020 election will haunt current Democrat candidates because they're using the same failing strategy against Trump and other top Republicans again. Progressives need to cater to those islands of blue voters amid the vast wave of red counties and spurn America's heartland, Abdul-Jabbar advises. The man who once snubbed the U.S. Olympic basketball team has the gall to suggest how America can achieve greatness:

"The tactic of trying to pick a 'safe' candidate who can beat Trump by appealing to their ideas about Middle America sends the wrong message to all of America. No team devise a game strategy based on fear: they emphasize their strengths and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses. The Democratic candidate shouldn’t be the least objectionable, but the one who boldly forges ahead with clear and detailed plans for Making America America Again."

Abdul-Jabbar plays on race and failed Democrat witch-hunts against the Trump administration, which panders to "wealthy, the white and the strong-arm leaders of countries such as Russia and North Korea. They view the US as their personal ATM, not a society of enlightened ideals. Democrats can’t pander to voters by denigrating Trump but then promising them Trump-lite with a wink. Promote progressive policies and plans worthy of a party that wants to lead this country without fear of being called 'socialists' or 'the radical left' or whatever else your opposing team chants."

Having 12 Democrats in the most recent debate is also bad strategy, the NBA's all-time scoring leader says. It does not reflect a well-organized political party capable of taking on the incumbent president with his wealthy backers.

"This is not a toddler t-ball game in which everyone gets to play no matter their skill level. Those who are in the race, knowing they have no chance but are just auditioning for other political positions, should let those who do have a chance get their message out to the voters instead of diluting it," Abdul-Jabbar whines.

Abdul-Jabbar suggests Democrats unify around four or five candidates and let them battle it out. "Keep the pressure up on impeachment hearings. Don’t try to drag them out until the elections as a strategy. This is the championship game and it must be won by everyone putting individual careers aside and playing as a team. Don’t walk down the court, run. Try for every rebound, every interception. Hands up defending every shot. There is no clock. No lead. Just conscionable patriots remembering what they’re playing for."

If ever there was an oxymoron, it's the mention of Democrats and "patriots" in the same breath.