Media Lament Tiger Woods Getting Medal of Freedom from 'White Nationalist' President

Original thoughts are rare in the Left-stream Echo Chamber. In reporting on golfer Tiger Woods receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump Monday at the White House, the lemmings are bleating out the same bile about the golfer visiting the "white nationalist."

The New York Times reports: "Yet Woods is rare among athletes of black lineage to associate with Trump, who many African-Americans have criticized for sympathetic remarks about white nationalists and condemnations of football players who have knelt in protest of racism and police brutality."

USA Today's Christine Brennan echoes: "The big surprise in Tiger Woods’ decision to visit Donald Trump on Monday to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom is not that he is going to spend time with the controversial president, a man who said there were 'some very fine people on both sides' during the deadly white nationalist riots in Charlottesville in 2017."

These so-called tolerant media have no shame in trying to connect Woods' skin color and his upcoming visit to the White House with the violence in Charlottesville in 2017 and how that was used to portray President Trump as a racist. They mangled the story of Woods regaining his championship golf form and earning a highly prestigious award from someone they strongly dislike for political reasons.

Brennan wrote a high positive story about George Herbert Walker Bush upon his death earlier this year because he was a friend of her family's. However, Brennan has no love lost for President Trump. She has little respect for Woods, who resists the social justice crowd of the athletic world.

"Unlike his peers LeBron James and Serena and Venus Williams, Tiger has never been one to take a stand on any big cultural or societal issue," Brennan writes. "He made that clear early on when, days after winning the 1997 Masters, he turned down President Bill Clinton’s invitation to attend a 50th anniversary celebration of Jackie Robinson to go on vacation in Mexico.

"When you make a decision like that at 21, hanging with a guy like Trump when you’re 43 is no problem at all," she writes sarcastically.

Brennan did say that it's a no-brainer for someone to accept the nation's highest civilian honor, as golfers Arnie Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Charlie Sifford have previously. But then, more sarcasm for the African-American golfer who threatens the left-stream media's Trump-as-racist narrative:

"What could be a better strategy for Trump than to attach himself to popular male athletes for a few minutes in the White House? The optics are perfect for him. It’s an excellent distraction and a lovely photo op."

The New York Times story, which has no byline, also asked readers "how they have felt about Woods in light of his stunning comeback to win the Masters golf tournament and about his relationship with Trump." There was no shortage of criticism of Woods for his friendship with the president.

Betty Bamonte, of Minneapolis, is "deeply disappointed that he (Woods) dismisses the fact that Trump does not respect the black people. It’s regrettable that he does not see how hurtful this is and it only gives Trump more ammunition to hypocritically claim how he really is not a white supremacist."

Brigitte McKinney, an African-American from New York, is "very disappointed that President Trump chooses to honor Mr. Woods’s achievements while most of his words and actions greatly dishonor people of color in general."

Katrina Bowman, of California, writes: "Resilience matters. Sometimes the bad guys win. Too bad Woods squandered an opportunity to stand up for racial equality and basic human rights like the right to take a knee in the face of oppression. I’m sadly not surprised. There will be a reckoning."

Michael, a Maryland African-American, said he celebrates the achievements of fellow members of his race and Woods' "record deserves to be celebrated on its own."

Former President Barack Obama heavily politicized his Presidential Medal of Freedom awards. Many went to supporters of his policies and to major donors of Democrat politicians, like Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Lorne Michaels, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan.


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