Complex Sports, Twitter Users Ridicule President Trump For Not Throwing Out First Pitch

March 30th, 2019 4:00 PM

A writer/editor from Complex Sports used this week's opening of the 2019 Major League Baseball season as an opportunity to ridicule the President and to feature anti-Trump Twitter users doing likewise. They all belittled President Donald Trump because he has not yet thrown out a ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball team's season opener.

Hannah Lifeshutz noted that President Trump, "for whatever reason, has yet to engage in the ceremonial practice of throwing the first pitch on Opening Day. Whether it be based on fear that his hair will fall off, an unwillingness to deal with the swarms of anti-Trumpers likely in the crowd, or failing to live up to the 'greatest baseball player in New York' title he once gave himself, the president has avoided the tradition.

Lifeshutz posted the tweets of Trump critics, but none in support of the President.

Roland Scahill accused the president of cowardice for not upholding the tradition of U.S. presidents throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

Jeff Tiedrich called Trump a snowflake president.

Jeffrey Guterman associated Trump with anti-Americanism.


Jerry Lutz tweeted: "I heard that Trump was supposed to throw out the first pitch at the Nationals' game, but his bone spurs were acting up again."

The criticisms of Trump not throwing out a first pitch started during his first year in office, 2017. That year Newsweek writer and frequent Trump critic Ryan Bort raised the issue of attention deficit disorder. He said he wasn't sure President Trump has the attention span or patience to appreciate baseball.

Bort then included a tweet from The Washington Post's Dave Weigel, who has feuded with Trump and who tweeted that boos from a Trump appearance at a baseball game would "echo for miles."

Two years ago CNN's Dan Merica portrayed Trump as a good baseball player when he was young. According to a number of accounts of his childhood and time at the New York Military Academy, Trump "was a standout baseball player whose solid arm, power at the plate and long frame made him a model first basemen." His coach, Col. Ted Dobias, said the young Trump was a good hitter and fielder and was scouted by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Trump (see photo of non-presidential baseball stadium appearances) has thrown out ceremonial pitches in Chicago, New York and Boston prior to becoming President.