The Root Trashes NFL, VP Pence and Christians in Examination of Kaepernick Deposition

April 12th, 2018 10:00 AM

Yesterday an NFL attorney deposed Colin Kaepernick in the ongoing proceedings for the latter's lawsuit charging the league with collusion to keep him out of the league. Yahoo! Sports columnist Charles Robinson theorized on the approach an NFL attorney may have taken in questioning the former quarterback of the 49ers, who was passed over by all 32 teams during the 2017 season. The Root's Stephen Crockett wrote a detestable follow-up to Robinson's piece, blaming NFL owners for collusion and criticizing Vice-President MIke Pence and Christians for opposing the disrespectful anthem protests Kaepernick started.

Legal experts have said Kaepernick will have a tough time winning his case, but Crockett is convinced that NFL owners "conspired to keep former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick out of the league. We know it. The world knows it. Now all Kaepernick has to do is prove that NFL owners did, in fact, work to keep him unemployed."

Crockett tries to turn the case on its head by shifting blame to others, villainizing:

  • The "f---boys" NFL owners. They "deemed him toxic and conspired to keep him out of the league."
  • Those who "turned Kaepernick’s protest (above photo; Kaepernick in center) against the killings of unarmed blacks during the national anthem into a protest against America. Many Anglo-Saxon Christian Americans threatened to protest against the NFL if all players didn’t stand during the anthem. Hell, Vice President Mike Pence even staged a walkout during an NFL game to draw controversy to the subject." (After NFL players staged a protest during the national anthem.)

No one actually knows what the line of questioning was yesterday, and the depositions may or may not ever become public record.

Yahoo's Robinson -- who avoided the theatrics and vulgarity that Crockett stooped to -- speculated that the league’s lawyers might have attempted to discredit Kaepernick’s collusion claim by suggesting he tainted his value as a quarterback and a team member by calling out police brutality against people of color and by wearing his infamous cops are pigs socks during a team practice session.

Kaepernick's witch hunt against the NFL owners, general managers, coaches and, yes, even Commissioner Roger Goodell's wife, could last into next year. Giving his whiny, vulgar media lackeys plenty of air and cyber space to keep their unproven theories of blackballing and collusion alive indefinitely.

A footnote to this story comes from Cincinnati, where the Bengals have met with Eric Reid, another free agent who kneeled alongside Kaepernick in San Francisco. Liberal media have been calling him the new "Kaepernick" and another victim of blackballing, but now this new development is shooting holes in that false media narrative.