Sports Media Applaud Canadian Hockey Player who Says He's a Woman Now

If the Toronto Furies women's hockey team was totally honest with the public it would list Jessica Platt as a defenseMAN on its roster. Platt, a sexually confused man who occupies a position on this Canadian Women's Hockey League team, informed the world last night on Instagram that "she" was actually born a male. Predictably the league, its players' association and U.S. and Canadian media are crowing about how wonderful this is.

"After a lot of thought, I would like to announce that I am transgender," Platt wrote on social media, along with: "I hope that I can inspire others to live their lives true to who they are and to never give up on their dreams."

CWHL commissioner Brenda Andress rushed out this joy-to-the-transgender-world news release: "Inclusivity has always been a major strength of our league and with (Wednesday's) announcement that has only been reaffirmed." Does she really know what she's saying? Does this "inclusivity" mean the league is now flinging its doors wide open to more sexually confused men? Who, with a simple "I'm a girl now" declaration, would muscle out real women and relegate them to the status of bench-warming spectators? Oh, there's no better forum for social engineering than women's hockey !

The league's players' union tweeted support, too: "We stand by you. We stand for you. We are so proud of you, Jess!" How long will they actually stand up on their skates, though, when this defenseMAN comes roaring by them during a game?

USA Today sports writer Scott Gleeson writes, "Platt was advised in her coming-out process over the last nine months by U.S. national team men's duathlete Chris Mosier. Mosier is the vice president of program development and community relations for You Can Play — an organization dedicated to eradicating homophobia and transphobia in sports." If it took nine months, was Platt advised or indoctrinated? The question is over Gleeson's head. And is anyone really afraid of men who wear women's clothing and identify as female? The only "fears" caring people have for them are the heightened risks of regret, depression and suicide.

Checking pronouns into the boards, ESPN W's transgender advocate Katie Barnes is mystified that Pratt was excluded by girls when "she" played on "her" high school boys' hockey team. "Platt said she began questioning her gender identity early in high school. She had many female friends, but they often hung out without her. From her spot in the boys' locker room, Platt felt left out and like she did not fit in the way she should." Platt said he did not identfy with the "bro culture when she played on her boys' high school hockey team."

These delusional media left-wingers aren't just living in the twilight zone; they're pushing the LGBTQ agenda on their readers. All of them deserve the penalty box for encouraging Pratt to succumb to a dangerous agenda, one that carries potentially tragic risks. They're elevating their agenda over his future.


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