ESPN’s The Undefeated Warns Against Ignoring Climate Change ‘Facts’

January 24th, 2017 8:07 AM

What do we do if we are increasingly willing to ignore “facts?” According to Jeff Rivers, “we’ll end up in real trouble.” Writing for ESPN’s The Undefeated blogRivers writes that when it comes to public policy “we too often allow ideology and political maneuvering to render facts moot, especially when those facts support inconvenient truths such as global climate change.”

Rivers is starting from a leftist’s predisposition and imposing his worldview on others as so-called “facts.”  

Though he tries to come across as a reasonable man of the middle, it’s clear Rivers is in league with the left-stream media and the policy preferences of Barack Obama and the Democrats. Their views on climate, energy and other topics are based on agenda-driven ideology and not on science. Claims of shrinking polar caps, declining polar bear populations and others are myths masquerading as facts, themselves “political maneuvering.”

Rivers continues: “And morality, if it is acknowledged at all, is presumed to be the province of specific parties or ideologies, instead of governing our thinking, decisions and actions. From public education to health care, we focus more on the politics of changing public policy than the efficacy and morality of making the changes.”

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Whose politics and whose morality? Again he won’t acknowledge this, but his leftist leanings give him away. His morality is not everyone’s morality. He’s simply not being honest about where he is coming from, and it’s easy to see through him.

And now that Obama’s time is over, Rivers writes we’re suddenly “a house divided” that “struggles to stand: We’re a people who talk to one another without a common political vocabulary, a people who seek to silence dissenting voices.”

These are amazing words to read after years of the left shutting down conversations by screeching “racist,” or “bigot” or sputtering about “privilege.” The left has decreed “The debate on climate change is over,” abortion is “reproductive health care,” homosexual marriage is “marriage equality,” assisted suicide is “death with dignity,” religious freedom is “homophobia” and other PC vocabulary manipulations.

Rivers concludes that his unnamed, but clearly Left, side will survive “these challenging times.”

[H]istorians will look back and laud the actions of some of today’s Americans: Those Americans will pull their heads out of their hands, they will seek consensus and comity, they will argue for what’s right with the wit, wisdom and knowledge of back-porch sports conversations — those Americans will fight to make America the country it was always meant to be.

Some of today’s Americans? Clearly not Americans with names like Trump, Cruz, Reagan or Pence. Rivers has previously characterized Trump’s election victory as a “headlong plunge into darkness.” The Undefeated is all in for the women who marched against Trump and change in Washington.

And what was America always meant to be? A nation where government is instituted among men, deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed. This is not what we’ve seen in the past eight years when Obama’s Administration acted without the consent of the governed.