Snoop Dogg: Trump Supporters are ‘Mother F***ing Racist’

September 21st, 2018 11:59 AM

BREAKING: Snoop Dogg doesn’t like Donald Trump. His opinion apparently hasn’t changed in the year since his pictorial fantasy of musing over Trump’s dead body debuted a year ago.

USA Today reported Sept. 20 that SiriusXM’s DJ Suss One, while conducting an interview with Snoop, initially treaded lightly once the subject of politics came up: “...a lot of my fans get mad at me when I talk bad about him, but I think it’s safe to say that most people in our culture don’t like Donald Trump.” But before Suss One had even asked him a question, Snoop demonstrated he was not subject to his host’s inhibitions: “Well, you need to know that a lot of your fans is racist...If you like [Trump] you are mother f***ing racist.”



Snoop continued to lambaste the President and his fans: “... He drew the lines, he drew the mother f***ing lines. Before him, there were no lines, everybody was everybody …”

Kanye West, countercultural figure that he is these days, was not spared in Snoop’s anti-Trump assault: “Throw him in the bag too, ‘cause he’s right there with that mother f***er.”

West currently occupies the #2 spot among the best selling rappers of all time, and Snoop, having not yet made the Top 10, might want to focus on things other than the next group of people he will label “racist.”