Comedian Jon Lovitz Blasts Govt. Bailouts For Paying People Not to Work

May 13th, 2021 3:55 PM

Seems like the abysmal U.S. jobs report for April has lit a fire under former SNL legend Jon Lovitz. The actor and comedian went after lazy people who are fine with the government paying their way.

On Twitter, Lovitz threw down with lefty, pro-welfare state accounts, rebuking them for their entitled attitudes. It all started when Lovitz tweeted on May 11 about a past encounter he had with an unemployed gentleman who had been living off of government money. 

“1994, I’m making a movie in Canada. Met a guy in his 20s. He said the government paid for everything- rent, car, food, health care, clothes, entertainment,” Lovitz recalled. He added that he asked the man, “Do you work?” The man replied, “Why would I work? I can live nicer on what the government pays me than I could on what I’d make working.”

Sensitive lefties immediately began talking trash about Lovitz’s status. One chimed in, saying, “Please don't spread this sort of misinformation. It's only used as fodder for the cons and like minded ppl who believe that ppl in desperate need are just lazy and milking the system.” 

The user added, “You do a great disservice to all those of us who survive on these poverty supports.” Lovitz corrected the account, saying, “I’m not talking about people who need help. I’m talking about an able bodied, 28 year old man who could work and chose not to.”

Another user, “Middle Aged Gambino,” drew fire from Lovitz for his own obtuse response. Gambino wrote, “What is the point of this BS account of 'something a random guy told you 30 years ago, so it must be 100% true.'” The actor stated, “The point is, a lot of people here aren’t going back to work for the same reason. And it’s not BS. It’s what he told me. And it was true for him.”

Again, the U.S. job report from April was pathetic. Compared to mainstream media predictions of there being a million jobs added, there was only a quarter of that. An obvious root of that issue is the fact that the U.S. government has been bailing out Americans exorbitantly for the better part of a year due to the pandemic. 

Another tweeter tried to push back against Lovitz’s story, tweeting, “and he was free to pursue his passions that would become his ‘work’ and wasn't pushed to the brink and commit crimes as a result. Maybe stop blaming the government and see its bigger than ‘stop being lazy.’” Lovitz blasted right back: “Except he didn’t do anything. He was just hanging out where we were shooting.” Yeah, it doesn’t sound like his acquaintance was all that desperate. 

The actor then summed up what he thought of the backlash he was receiving, tweeting, “It’s amazing to me, how I can talk about something that actually happened to me. And the response is, ‘bullshit, not true, you’re Ted Nugent.’ People who are desperate to remain victimized, always attack what’s true. I guess they find it threatening.”

Well, when the government is subsidizing anything, victimhood sure pays, doesn’t it? Well, until everything collapses.