Parenting Advice From Hell: ‘Top Chef’ Host Condemns Parents Who Don’t Believe Their Kids Are Trans

April 1st, 2021 4:07 PM

There’s no question some famous chefs can be great parents. It’s just that Padma Lakshmi isn’t one of them. A harsh judgement? Sure, but since she’s making pronouncements on parental worth based on acceptance of trans propaganda, all’s fair.

Trying to influence the world with leftist insanity, on March 31 the host of Bravo’s Top Chef issued a tweet that essentially condemned parents who didn’t allow their young kids to bully them into treating them as trans. And it wasn’t like she specified that parents should have compassion for kids who may be confused by their sexualities, she has no time for nuance or complexity.

In one of the dumbest tweets of all time, Lakshmi wrote, “If you can't accept your child for who they're telling you they are, then you have no business being a parent.” 

Oh OK? So children are telling parents what’s up or what’s down now, huh? Well that’s quite revolutionary from Ms. Lakshmi. It seems like kids are the parents now. How long til Mommy and Daddy’s time out is over?

Of course, Lakshmi was trying to convey her commitment to being compassionate to trans children. But again with over-compassionate liberals, their quest for tolerance becomes so obsessive that they are willing to let things like reality and the fact that kids don’t know much about anything and need the guidance of their parents fall by the wayside. These are kids, Padma. And if they’re really young, they don’t really get what their genitalia is or what the concept of gender means. 

But sure they’ll call the shots and parents will let them or they’re not good parents. 

Taking Lakshmi’s tweet to its illogical conclusion, conservative commentator and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh replied to her with this:

Provocative or not, that follows. Parents who earnestly believe that a kid knows his gender and sex are different than what they are, should probably trust their child’s expertise if he claimed to be a dinosaur, or if he claimed to have invincibility powers against the strange chemicals under the sink he’s curious about. 

Rather than acknowledging how freaking silly her initial tweet was, Lakshmi continued tweeting as if she were an official trans activist Twitter account. She followed up her initial mishap with the tweet below:

Oh that makes it all the more unclear. So Padma meant to tell us that doctors just arbitrarily decide sex? There are no hints whatsoever that they use to determine whether a child is male or female? Really? She should stick to cooking.