‘Shout Your Abortion’ Campaign Hires Viral Tik Tok Stars to Sell Baby-Killing to Kids

March 19th, 2021 1:22 PM

Abortion lovers are doing their damndest to get the culture to back up their crusade to kill more children. Now the pro-choice zealots from the “Shout Your Abortion” movement have enlisted popular Tik Tok content creators to convince young people that abortion is a cool thing.

As reported by Lila Rose’s anti-abortion activism outlet Live Action, the vile “social media campaign” which goes by the name “Shout Your Abortion” has just hired a viral Tik Tok star to promote is very pro-abortion propaganda across the mega-popular video app. Of course, if you’re still not familiar with Tik Tok, it is the number one app in the world, and most young people have access to it on their phones.

If a video is trending on Tik Tok, it’s pretty much trending in the world, and the people running “Shout Your Abortion” would love to harness that kind of reach. So, Amelia Bonow, one of the founders of the grisly propaganda campaign, hired an abortion-loving Tik Tok star with millions of views to promote their message.

The 21 year-old creator hired by the organization goes by the username, “AbortionQweenn” and together with her girlfriend who goes by the TikTok username “AbortionCounselor” they  simulate going to doctor’s offices and inquiring about the child-killing procedures in various satirical ways for fame on the platform. Live Action also acknowledged that both girls work in the “abortion industry.” 

“AbortionQweenn” explained her craft to The Daily Beast, saying, “I just started posting videos of me at random doctor’s appointments and saying ‘I’m getting an abortion. I was at urgent care.”

Apparently this disturbing trash “Qweenn” calls content, started getting her a lot of attention. “I think a lot of my followers know that I’m not getting like 50 abortions a month. But people will just see that and I guess like normalize it. People will also get very angry about it. But it always goes viral.” Yeah, see, really going for the outrage is what counts. 

In addition to “normalizing” baby killing with Gen Z humor, AbortionQween also mentioned that her “videos contain medical advice about the abortion procedure or information on how to get one.”

Her “work” has apparently had such an impact on the video platform that “Shout Your Abortion” thought she was the perfect propaganda vehicle for their message. Bonow actually hired “AbortionCounselor” to be Shout Your Abortion’s “artist-in-residence.” What a gig. 

Bonow explained exactly how making viral pro-baby-killing Tik Toks benefits her evil organization. It’s about breaking abortion’s stigma, and turning it into a hip, fun thing. “The idea that abortion is always a serious and sad thing is antiquated, not reflective of reality, and it definitely hasn’t done our side any favors.” According to her Tik Tok is a way to get beyond that. 

She claimed the app “is a nail in the coffin of the old way of doing things. We can talk about abortion however we want, it doesn’t always have to be heavy. Sometimes it’s hilarious.” No it’s not hilarious. It’s the chopping up of human life at its most innocent and vulnerable. Bonow and her new employees are depraved and need to have a serious come to Jesus moment.