GMA Honors ‘1 Girl Revolution’ Founder Kate Bryan’s Humanitarian Work During Pandemic

March 3rd, 2021 5:15 PM

All it takes to do good is for one person to stand up. ABC News highlighted how one woman created the organization “1 Girl Revolution” to celebrate ordinary women doing extraordinary things — especially during the pandemic. 

The afternoon hour of Good Morning America (GMA3) aired a segment on founder Kate Bryan’s “1 Girl Revolution” on March 3, praising her website for putting a spotlight “in a very new way, on others’ good work in the pandemic.” Bryan’s site and podcast are devoted specifically to showing how ordinary women are changing lives for the better around them, especially in these hard times. GMA3 helped spread her message during their positive “GMA3 Celebrates Women’s History Month” series.

GMA3 began its segment with a statement from Bryan, who described her site as a “social media platform and podcast that highlights the stories of everyday women who are changing the world through their lives.” What a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month, by honoring female heroes who do their best in service to their individual communities every day. 

Bryan added, “We believe that every woman has a voice, every woman has a story, every woman has the power to change the world.” Her site explained, "We release a new podcast episode every week featuring a conversation with a woman who is changing the world through her life. Our platform also features video interviews with women from across the country who are changing the world through their lives.”

Though she created her platform more than two years ago, Bryan talked about how important her website’s mission has been during the COVID pandemic. Of course, challenging times make heroes out of ordinary people and the Coronavirus was no exception. There were plenty of women who rose to the challenge of helping their communities during the natural disaster and Bryan used her website to showcase ordinary women’s heroism and promote ways by which women could benefit their afflicted neighbors.



Bryan explained that she immediately thought when the pandemic hit, “what is 1 Girl Revolution’s role in this? And through that, what is my role in the pandemic? What can I do?” The platform’s founder explained her initial ideas, one of which involved “drafting 15 ways that people can make a difference during the pandemic, whether it’s putting together little bags to drop off at homeless shelters, or writing note cards to people who are elderly.”

The segment also included video and photos of the community outreach Bryan and her platform have organized and inspired. Those included food drives and events to benefit homeless shelters. It even featured praise for Bryan and her project from Zaman International, a humanitarian non-profit dedicated to helping “single moms raising a family who live in extreme poverty.”

Najah Bazzy, Zaman International’s founder, lauded Bryan’s project, stating, “I think the platform she’s given to them has been really significant. If we cannot elevate the voices of women in their stories and their struggles, then the human family is truly missing out.”

Bryan finished out the segment by encouraging viewers to “find one organization or one cause that you can do something good to support, whether it’s an animal shelter, a homeless shelter or a food bank … open your eyes, look around and look for people that might need support during this time.”