ACLU MUTILATED by Conservatives After Asserting That ‘Trans Girls Are Girls’

February 4th, 2021 3:10 PM

Though they’ve been barking up this tree for a while now, the American Civil Liberties Union has gone full crazy, denying any real natural difference between genders in a trans women’s crusade to play in women’s sports leagues. Conservatives blasted the famous non-profit organization for promoting abject lunacy.

Considering that the ACLU’s statement deemed it a “myth” that sex can be observed at birth, it’s tough to not see the conservative point.

The ACLU dropped its ridiculous tweets on February 3, in defense of LGBTQ activists’ recent push to make trans women (biological men) playing on biological women’s sports teams a legitimate thing. These activists received powerful support for their cause from a recent executive order signed by the Biden administration, which outlaws workplace discrimination on the basis of sex (which now includes “fluid” gender identity.) The order also mandated that students be given the same treatment by educational institutions and that also applies to their access to school sports teams.

This has supercharged an already heated debate, making proponents of trans athletes bolder and prompting people who disagree with gender mumbo jumbo to react forcefully. As such, the ACLU published a Twitter thread denouncing the other side’s traditional view of gender, dubbed, “4 Myths About Trans People in School Sports: Debunked.” The myths included were ideas such as sex being "binary,” and that it's “apparent at birth.” Other myths mentioned were that trans people have “physiological characteristics” that give them an athletic advantage, and that “the participation of trans athletes hurts women.”

Essentially the civil rights group’s rebuttal to these myths claimed notion of two genders, distinct at birth, is not reality and that human sexuality is fluid. In their words sex covers a “range of different physical characteristics.” From that basis, it can be argued that a trans woman is no different than an ordinary woman. There’s no clear cut sexual distinction, and if the right amount of hormones are provided to a trans woman -- to level out her “range of characteristics” --  they can play with biological women. After all even cis women “vary in athletic ability.”

Though not only can they play with biological women, the ACLU declared, “Trans girls are girls.” Mmhmm. And there you have it. There’s no difference in classification. Of course conservative leaders including Ben Shapiro and The Blaze’s Allie Beth Stuckey pointed out the lunacy of such pronouncements.

Shapiro shared the legal group’s tweet and commented, “There is not a single scientific fact in this entire thread.” Of course, that’s correct. The legal team who corrected the “myths” offered counterpoints constituted of insane, unsupported assertions. In one instance, the ACLU stated, “There are no set hormone ranges, body parts, or chromosomes that all people of a particular sex or gender have.” Though we can think of several body parts exclusive to women. 

Allie Beth Stuckey, commentator for The Blaze, pointed out the same insanity. In a response to the far left group’s tweet, Stuckey stated, “I understand you guys are lawyers and activists and not scientists, but it doesn’t take a biologist to know that this statement is fantasy, not fact. It’s absurd, baseless propaganda that endangers girls. Great job.” Ouch. That’s got to hurt. 

And Grabien founder Tom Eliott satirized the ACLU’s intentions with their Twitter thread, tweeting, “ACLU: What can we do to completely torch whatever credibility we have as an organization?” Well it is a fair point. How can the ACLU even operate as an organization when they can’t even take reality seriously?