Biden and Far Leftists Ignore 77% of Americans Who Don’t Want to Fund Abortions Worldwide

January 27th, 2021 6:23 PM

Proponents of the Biden-Harris administration’s radical pro-abortion policy, specifically the new administration’s revocation of the Mexico City Policy, fail to realize that most Americans, even the pro-life ones are not as enthusiastic about baby-killing as they are.

On January 28, pro-abortion extremist and newly inaugurated President Joe Biden will sign an executive order revoking the Mexico City Policy, a Reagan era policy (expanded by Trump) which banned funneling U.S. tax dollars to international abortion providers. Planned Parenthood’s international arm, for example, receives nearly $100 million U.S. tax dollars without the Mexico City Policy in place. But, according to the latest Marist poll, 77% of Americans “oppose” or “strongly oppose” “using tax dollars to support international abortion.”

In recent days, far leftists and other pro-abortion extremists praised Biden’s abrupt dismissal of the Mexico City Policy, which former President Trump had reinstated four years prior. Several of these individuals say the policy has "caused so much harm,” is not who we "stand for as a global health leader,” and that Biden’s dismantling of the Mexico City Policy is “excellent" news.

Upon hearing the news of Biden’s anti-life executive order, U.S. Rep. Kai Kehele (D-HI) tweeted, “The Mexico City policy goes contrary to everything we stand for as a global health leader. Rescind it, get rid of it.” 

Senior Editor of Law and Policy at the pro-abortion Rewire News Group and Twitter blue-check Imani Gandi (@AngryBlackLady) praised Biden’s plans to reverse the policy, tweeting, “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Per Dr. Fauci's remarks to the World Health Organization, the Mexico City Policy—which bans U.S. funds from being used overseas to promote abortion as a method of family planning—is DONE.”

Gandi also remarked, “This is excellent Day One news from the Biden/Harris administration.”

Another Twitter-verified leftist, an epidemiologist and former Massachusetts congressional candidate named Natalia Linos, celebrated Biden’s upcoming order, tweeting, “Really glad to see the US rejoin @WHO and #ParisClimateAgreement but must also rescind #GlobalGagRule which has caused so much harm to gender equality, health and #reproductivejustice globally.” 

Though what Biden and his pro-abort fans seem to ignore is that 77% of Americans oppose “using tax dollars to support international abortion,” according to the latest Marist poll. The 2021 poll, put out by the Knights of Columbus threw cold water on the left’s view that America promoting abortion throughout the world is something the majority of citizens want. 

Other key findings from the Marist poll indicate that “More than three quarters of Americans (76%), including a majority who identify as pro-choice, want significant restrictions on abortion.” Even pro-choice people seem to want a slow down on the procedure, which Biden and co. flout with their executive order and their future plans to codify Roe v. Wade.

On the flip side, “Only 19% of Americans either ‘support’ or ‘strongly support’ funding abortions outside the US, while another 4% are unsure.” So, clearly, reversing the Mexico City Policy is not popular and -- to echo conservative critics -- Biden pushing it to appease “19%” of his constituents would prove divisive.

So, as far as abortion goes, Biden has already committed to failing in his ambitions for American unity.