Why is Hollywood ‘Essential’ and Church Not? Thank Showbiz Lobbyists

December 11th, 2020 2:30 PM

Church is not essential during China plague, but liquor stores are, right? Oh, and California citizens must stay home for virus safety reasons, according to CA governor Gavin Newsome, but you know, Hollywood gets to continue pumping out mindless drivel. How did this happen?

According to a report from The Intercept written on December 11, California lawmakers have given Hollywood production companies the green light to keep generating movies and TV due to efforts of Hollywood lobbyists who have acquired special permission from Gavin Newsome. All the while, the average Californian is locked down. Hey but who’s going to make the streaming content he needs to distract himself from the thought he lives under tyranny? 

How’s this for an infuriating twist? That “birthday party” that Gavin Newsome was caught celebrating at a couple weeks prior, in violation of his own social distancing and mask mandates for the state, was actually for one of these Hollywood lobbyists, Jason Kinney. The outlet reported that Kinney lobbies for Netflix, which “has been allowed to continue to operate during the latest round of forced closures that began last week as intensive care hospital capacity has dwindled across the state.”

So here we have two elites going around California state orders to have dinner together and come up with some plan to grant Hollywood more wiggle room than anybody else. Couldn’t they have at least come to an agreement while wearing masks so it wouldn't look so scandalous?

Either way, for California lawmakers it seems show business is more essential than the average citizen’s livelihood. Because of the efforts of people like Kinney, “the state has deemed the television and movie production industry as ‘critical infrastructure’ and has allowed Hollywood studios to continue filming projects, including in Los Angeles, which is facing the most strict lockdown order.”

So as everyone is forced to stay home, as small businesses are drying up, as the middle class essentially continues to shrivel, Hollywood will be able to enjoy the fruits of more than “40 feature films” which commenced production last month. Again, recall that “Californians in many counties now face fines or imprisonment for venturing outside for any ‘nonessential’ travel, congregating in small groups, or operating an outdoor restaurant.” It’s absurd. 

And it’s not just Kinney and Netflix, (which did increase its spending on lobbyists threefold during the lockdowns in order to keep chugging along by the way) “Sony Pictures, Walt Disney and Co., Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers Entertainment, and the Motion Picture Association” spent money to leverage keeping their industry open. 

The Motion Picture Association of America for example, spent “$45,000” on lobbyists to shape the “COVID-19 Reopening of film/tv sector,” and Paramount Pictures spent nearly double that to have some say in what constituted California’s “essential businesses rules.”

What’s even more ironic is that many of the people lecturing us that life needs to be at a standstill for our safety are celebrities who STILL get to go to work. The past few months on social media have been marked by famous leftists feigning moral outrage against the ordinary person who wants to go to Church or who protests the lockdown orders peacefully. 

But as far back as April, California amended its list of essential businesses to include “entertainment industries, studios, and other related establishments” provided they follow safety protocols. So these famous nags haven't really had it that bad. Yeah, we can’t go to Church, but we can have godless Hollywood themes shoved in our faces while we accept unemployment checks. Perhaps it’s by design.