Janelle Monae Shreds Civility: Says Anyone Who Voted Trump Will ‘Burnnnnnnnnnn’

November 5th, 2020 10:16 AM

If you think that everyone and everything will return to being peachy and nice when Beijing Biden gets into office -- as many lefties presume is about to happen -- just take a look at pop star Janelle Monae’s hate-filled Twitter post.

The “pansexual” musician/Dem activist, who, mind you, expects everyone to love and celebrate her for her sexual identity, decided to pour on the intolerance for Trump supporters, including African American men.

Monae, who played a charitable Christian woman in the 2019 film Harriet offered no aid nor comfort to her political opponents, tweeting on November 4, “Fuck Donald Tromp and every American citizen, celebrity, white woman, black man, ETC who supported him burnnnnnnnnnn.”

Accompanying the hateful caption was a photo of Monae in her gym clothes giving a middle finger to the camera.

So what Monae is saying essentially is eff half the country because they don’t believe like she does. Oh and she wants them to burn, too. Considering she’s a proud Black Lives Matter supporter, perhaps Trump supporters should wonder whether that’s a direct threat.

In a couple of subsequent tweets, the singer/actress added “white men” to her list of people she wants to burn. She wrote, “ETC= WHITE MEN TOO tf [the f**k].” Right, well we assumed that was implied. Who doesn’t have a problem with white men these days?

She added the comment, “I’m not going down the list for y’all you do the research and see who gave him millions of votes.” Apparently there are a whole bunch of different people Janelle hates that she’s too tired to enumerate. 

Clearly, Monae is in the later stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome, where she has nothing but contempt for people who don’t think like her. Earlier in the day, she retweeted one social media user who typed, “I’m never forgiving Trump voters and that doesn’t make me a bad person.”

Monae commented on the post, saying, “NEVER OR those who endorsed him.” Oh wow. No Trump voter is worthy of redemption. And if Biden wins, she won’t even let it go? Of course not.

Monae also retweeted another post that claimed, “ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS RACIST BULLSHIT AND SHOULD BE ABOLISHED.” Alright, fine. But we guarantee the singer will be using the electoral college as a metric for victory if Biden wins.

Though none of this radicalism is shocking coming from Monae, who in a recent interview for her horror film Antebellum, shared her views in support of the “1619 Project,” the anti-American alternate history. The “1619 Project” hinges on the toxic, critical race theory that America was founded for the sake of protecting slavery, which as we all were taught in social studies, is the opposite of what’s true. 

In the interview, Monae claimed that U.S. law enforcement is literally a vestige of that racist founding and slavery. She stated, “The police were built out of terrorizing Black people — not protecting and serving, but to capture us when we ran away, to stop us when we tried to revolt.” 

Yeah, she’s clearly insane.