Barin' It for Biden: Chelsea Handler Makes Another Naked Voting PSA

November 3rd, 2020 6:46 PM

What is it with some Hollywood ladies and showing their private parts for Democrat votes?

In a last ditch effort to get attention for Joe Biden, uncouth comedian Chelsea Handler took time out from waterboarding 50 Cent for thinking about voting Trump in order to bare her breasts to get people to vote. Gross. 

On November 3, Election Day, the day during which Hollywood liberals have been salivating over with the thought that they may finally expel their sworn enemy Donald Trump, Handler posted a vile video of herself topless to Instagram thinking it might acquire a little extra voter turnout. Or she just wanted to be gross. Honestly for her it could be both.

So she could still post to the social media platform without violating the site’s community standards, Handler placed two “I Voted” stickers over her nipples so she wasn’t totally exposed. Standing in front of the camera, the Dear White Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea star and Trump hater exclaimed, “I have voted! And I wanted to make sure that you are voting today, too!”

Handler then began a spiel on how to handle voting “intimidation,” and honestly being assaulted by the sight of her all but bare breasts made the comedian a hypocrite on that front. She continued, saying, “Please do not let anybody intimidate you on voting lines. I know it can be intimidating when people have guns in the state of Michigan, which is ridiculous.”

Oh great, a disturbing eyeful and another gun-control spiel. Who would have thought. Handler then mentioned that there were Michigan Supreme Court Justices on the ballot that could make sure that people don’t open carry near polling locations. 

“If you are intimidated by anyone, please do not engage. Keep your head up high, go in and cast your ballot for the candidate that you choose. This is democracy. We will not stop until every vote is counted,” she explained.

Funny that Handler’s the one instructing people on how to deal with harassment when it comes to voting. About two weeks ago, the actress publicly berated her ex-boyfriend, rapper 50 Cent, about his potential vote for Donald Trump because of his successful economic policies. 

The abusive comedian addressed 50 Cent’s heretical voting preference via her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She assured the host that she told 50 Cent he couldn't vote for Trump because he is “a black man” and, of course, black men can’t vote for Trump. Handler also told the rapper that her could have “another spin” with her romantically if he votes for Biden.

Clearly, using sex to get her way is just one of Handler’s usual methods. In yet another example of this manipulative tactic, Handler lent her naked body to a voting PSA last month, joining bare naked Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo, and other celebrities to educate voters on filling out “naked” mail-in ballots.

These lefties will do anything for attention and their masters in the Democrat Party. If borderline pornographic ads are what propels our civic discourse in the future, we are probably doomed as a society.