WOW: Trump Inspires George Clooney to Donate Half a Million Against Racism

June 22nd, 2020 3:40 PM

Mega-rich Hollywood liberal George Clooney is putting up some real dollars to bolster the fight for racial justice and for the sake of boosting his ego by making President Trump look bad.

The Burn After Reading and Oceans 11 star heard one more line from Trump’s Twitter and realized he couldn’t take the quipping anymore. Over the weekend, Clooney ponied up a massive donation to social justice initiatives in response to a Trump tweet about an anti-slavery holiday that unfortunately, many people aren’t familiar with.

It all started when Trump announced the date for his first re-election campaign rally in Tulsa, OK on June 19. A leftwing conspiracy went around Twitter claiming that Trump planned on having his rally on this date as a dog whistle for racists. Normally you would be excused for asking what that dog whistle was, but c’mon everyone knows what’s so special about June 19, right? No?

You’re all a bunch of racists. 

Apparently June 19, or “Juneteenth,” is recognized by Americans (the non-racist ones, that is) as the “oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.” The holiday is as old as the end of the Civil War itself, going all the way back to 1865. Of course, many regular folk were presumably scratching their heads as to what leftists were on about.

Honestly, Trump’s scheduling conflict was a testament to just how little was known about the holiday in the mainstream, but the media tried to make it seem like it was much more culturally relevant in order to bash him. For the media, who have been engaged in manufacturing racial outrage, here was Trump kicking blacks when they were down after the “racist” death of George Floyd. 

Trump did what does best and trolled this idiotic media play, telling The Wall Street Journal in an interview that he “made Juneteenth very famous." 

That comment was so rude for Clooney that he donated “500 thousand dollars” to fighting discrimination. In addition to announcing the gift of half a million to the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to helping the legal cases of unjustly-charged people, Clooney talked some major trash to the president. 

In a statement he claimed, “Thank you President Trump for ‘making Juneteenth famous.’ Much like when Bull Conner made ‘Civil Rights’ famous. My family will be donating 500 thousand dollars to the Equal Justice Initiative in honor of your heroic efforts.” Ouch. The “Bull Connor” line was a reference to the infamous Commissioner of Public Safety of Birmingham, Alabama who opposed the civil rights movement of the 60s.

Yeah, yeah, Trump’s a racist monster. What else is new? Though the president did move his rally out of respect for “Juneteenth,” not to mention that Trump has been active in pushing for police reform, that's not just about abolishing police. You could also say that Trump was the inspiration behind Clooney’s decision to donate tons of money for racial justice. Sounds like Trump’s trying to help race relations if anything.