‘Community’ Actress Blasts MSNBC Hypocrisy on Diversity of Trump Presser

June 16th, 2020 5:21 PM

You know the mainstream media is selling some major hypocrisy when even brainwashed Hollywood BLM supporters are calling them out for their “white privilege.”

In response to MSNBC’s criticism that President Trump showcased a bunch of white men during his June 16 police reform executive order signing, lefty actress and Black Lives Matter supporter Yvette Nicole Brown slammed the cable news network for its own lack of diversity. 

In a media world currently saturated with some of the most egregious double standards in recent memory, it was a sight for sore eyes seeing that our ideological opposites recognize the media’s own corruption.

Brown, an actress famous for the comedic roles in Drake & Josh and Community, responded negatively to MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin’s tweet about the lack of diversity during the President’s latest press conference.

Griffin wrote, “Maya Wiley on @MSNBC: ‘We have to stop and slow down for a minute on the optics of that press conference. All I saw were white faces when we're talking about black bodies.’” Of course, this is a routine attack against the president from the media. At every photo opp there’s usually some cable news jockey pointing out the predominant color of the group photographed with the president, as if Trump himself handpicked who would be in the photo based on their skin color.

Where this is supposed to resonate with African American viewers, Black Lives Matter supporters and the usual cavalcade of Trump haters, one prominent black media woman, who belongs to all three of those groups, put the same accusation back on the network.

Brown torched MSNBC’s complaints against Trump’s lack of diversity, claiming MSNBC’s own minority showcase doesn’t seem to be too much stronger. She tweeted, “Which is also just about all I’ve seen on @msnbc. DAILY.” Ouch.

Brown continued, adding that she’s noticed it for some time now: “Just saying. BEEN saying. You NEED to add ANCHORS that look like the bodies dying in the streets if you want proper context on the horror we’re watching play out every dang day.” 



Of course, we don’t necessarily agree with Brown’s racial stance, and we do not approve of Black Lives Matter, the organization, but hey, if MSNBC is going to talk trash they better make sure they’re clean.

Brown exclaimed: “How many ways do we have to say it?!” Seriously? Preach, girlfriend. Well, on this one only, because the white privilege stuff you’re spreading in your free time is pretty divisive.