Celebs in Lock-Down: Reiner & Co. Call Trump ‘Mentally Ill,’ ‘Dictator’ and Joke That He’s a Pedophile

April 15th, 2020 12:50 PM

It’s clear that Hollywood will never be a comfort to Americans during a crisis, especially with a conservative president in office. A full month into quarantine and lefty celebs’ most creative weapon against the pandemic and the rigors of social distancing is to continue screaming at the president in charge of leading us through the crisis.

Well, when their best foot forward was a cringe-inducing Hollywood cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” you know they didn’t have anything worthwhile to offer to begin with.

Hollywood blowhard Rob Reiner was the star in the latest round of the entertainment media’s Trump hate. Responding to the president’s Rose Garden coronavirus press conference, the When Harry Met Sally director called Trump ignorant and mentally ill, oh, and a “fucking moron” of course.

The actor/director tweeted, “There are no words to describe the sickness and ignorance on display in the Rose Garden today. Suffice it to say calling The President of the United States a fucking moron is being kind.” Oh come on, Rob, do your worst. It’s not like you’ve been holding back for the past four years.

A day earlier, Reiner tweeted, “Today’s daily propaganda bullshit was not only a pathetic display by a frightened mentally ill child, it was also illegal. The law specifically states that the WH can not be used for partisan campaign purposes. Another day, another law broken.”

And on Easter Sunday, the normal peace and thanksgiving that should’ve accompanied his day was replaced by more Trump complaints. Reiner tweeted, “He can stage every bullshit presser. He can let OAN fly up his ass. It won’t stop tens of thousands of US citizens from dying due to his negligence.” Reiner can’t even take a holiday from the orange man, he’s so obsessed.

Other brain-dead celebrities like Bette Midler got their petty digs in. The Hocus Pocus star joked about the president being a pedophile. She tweeted, “Yesterday Trump said we have to get our sports back because he’s “tired of watching 14 year-old baseball games.”

I thought he was about to say “tired of watching 14 year-old beauty pageant contestants get dressed” so the ending slightly pleasantly surprised me!” Wow, so classy.

Former WWE wrestler and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista loved CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid’s best Jim Acosta impression during Trump’s April 13 virus presser. In response to her belligerent exchange with Trump, he tweeted, “He literally can’t give one honest intelligent answer. Insults is all he’s got. He’s such a delusional wannabe dictator! #FakePresident.”

And of course it was clear that Will & Grace star Debra Messing was spending her first few days of Easter on the floor in a fetal position hyperventilating over all the doomsday scenarios that could happen if Trump won re-election. She tweeted, “If we lose 1-3 SCOTUS seats with another 4 years of Trump we are all FUCKED. Period. The end.”

Yeah that pretty much sums up Hollywood’s game plan. Say and do literally anything to get Trump.