Selena Gomez Wants Us to Think About Illegal Immigrants While Americans Suffer Virus

April 8th, 2020 3:35 PM

Americans are trying to prioritize surviving a biblical plague and making sure society doesn’t collapse under the weight of an economic shutdown. So leave it to rich, pampered celebrities to remind us that woke liberal causes need to remain at the forefront of the American to-do list.

Pop star Selena Gomez is urging American not to forget about treating illegal immigrants while dealing with coronavirus. She told Vogue Magazine, “I Want Immigrants To Know We Are Fighting For Them.”

If she means legal immigrants, then by all means.

The outlet began its interview with the “Rare” singer with an appeal to helping the refugees and immigrants in this time of crisis, claiming, “With our attention now focused on the global health crisis, it seems particularly pertinent that we must keep such pressing issues at the forefront of our minds.” A nice thought, but if the libs are constantly screaming that Americans are being overwhelmed in places like NYC, or that we’re woefully unprepared for the virus, can this not be a lecture, please?

Never mind, that’s too much to ask. Vogue referenced the entertainer’s article in its Arabian edition, where she claimed we have to be better in “Donald Trump’s America.” “We simply have to,” she wrote, “I hope we can still offer the American dream. I hope we can still offer people a better life.”

Again that’s nice, but a little tone deaf considering the current moment. It would seem the average citizen “hopes” any sort of “American dream” is still around when this is over. But let’s listen to the expert, after all she is the executive producer of a Netflix pro-illegal immigrant documentary titled Living Undocumented.

Ms. Gomez also comes from a family of immigrants. The singer discussed her Meixcan-American heritage saying, “[I] am incredibly proud to be both. My family chose to leave Mexico to pursue the American dream.” Apparently her aunt and grandparents snuck into the country in the 70s and her dad was born here. “My grandparents followed, and my father was born in the US. If they hadn’t chosen to make this country their home, things would have been very different for me.”

You mean if you grandparents hadn’t chosen to sneak in, then you wouldn’t have become rich and famous? Well when you put it that way, thank heavens for you they snuck in. Selena’s incredibly lucky. Though encouraging breaking the law for the promise of fame and riches isn’t the most prudent argument.

Then Selena started making appeals to vapid platitudes like the fact that this country “was built on immigration, with the first British and European settlements starting around 1600.” Oh yes because the founders of the nation and its subsequent immigration laws that newcomers agree to abide by are the same as those hopping the fence and throwing a middle finger to those laws. But we digress.

Gomez claimed, “One thing I have seen is that immigration goes beyond politics and political debates — it’s a human issue.” Oh thanks If we don’t let anyone and everyone in, we are not humans, we are monsters.

So let’s frontload the issue. Bring ‘em in. Now’s the perfect time. Jobs and freedom everywhere. Possibly 20 million folks without work (so far), but we're sure this Selena Gomez documentary will shift the conversation.