‘Law & Order’ Actor Blasts ‘Piece of Sh*’ Prez, Accuses Him of Wasting Time With ‘Golf'

April 7th, 2020 12:34 PM

Law & Order: SVU star Chris Meloni is done with the Trump administration’s pandemic response efforts. The man famous for playing NYC police officer Elliot Stabler has been lighting up social media with his insults towards the president, because of course it’s one of the few methods that help society through a time of crisis.

Yeah Trump’s a “piece of shit” and we’re all going to gather ‘round and post about it. World saved.

Meloni really took issue with Trump’s coronavirus press conferences last week. During one of the briefings Trump rebuffed the idea that he may have been distracted from pandemic prevention by Democrats’ fixation on impeachment back in February.

Trump denied it, saying that his administration was prepared to handle the outbreak regardless of the Dems’ “disgraceful” antics and Meloni couldn’t handle that much braggadocio.

The 59-year-old actor retweeted The Hill’s video and captioned it with, “If a POS [piece of shit] had a mouth.” Hmm, perhaps the actor is still a little hot under the collar about his Democrat allies’ inability to get the president out of office.

A day later, Meloni went for pettiness again, with the classic, nuclear option of presidential critiques -- going after the president for playing golf. *gasp* Oh no he didn’t! Meloni retweeted famous gun control activist Shannon Watts’ post that claimed, “While thousands of Americans are dying and healthcare workers’ lives are at risk, Donald Trump is going to go GOLFING IN VIRGINIA THIS WEEKEND???”

Meloni captioned Watts’ very important outrage with his own critique, tweeting, "LEADERSHIP: When all those around you are dying, quarantined, and unemployed, you work in bettering your golf. Vote Trump 2020. Cause He Cares About ONE Thing- Himself.” Oh man, brutal, regime-ending Twitter takedown right there.



A day later, Meloni was on the same beat, thinking the golf rebuke was wicked clever. Professor/journalist Bill Grueskin asked Twitter users “What’s the first sentence of the best novel that will be written about this epidemic?” and Meloni replied with his imagined epithet, “All eyes turned to the leader for his wisdom as he leapt from the table and said, ‘call it a hoax, I’m late for golf.’”

Wow, so good. Perhaps that will be one of the plot points of Meloni’s upcoming Law & Order spinoff. NYC cop Elliot Stabler finds that the terrorist bioweapon could have been stopped, if only the racist, idiot president hadn’t been using trillions of tax dollars just for his outings on the links. See, it writes itself.