‘IMPEACH HIM AGAIN’: Cusack Calls for 2nd Impeachment to Prevent Virus Deaths

April 1st, 2020 5:37 PM

Hollywood’s hatred for President Trump and his supporters is a bottomless pit. Actor, Bernie Sanders lover and rabid Trump-hater John Cusack proposed another depraved solution to the pesky problem that is Trump: We will just impeach him again.

The 53-year-old actor tweeted about his new anti-Trump fantasies on Tuesday, March 31. In addition to a second impeachment of the president, Cusack encouraged a workers’ strike on his list of demands.

“We need strikes / and we need to remove Trump from power to save lives, Impeach him again / Pressure for 25th,” Cusack tweeted.

The “25th” is The High Fidelity actor’s appeal to the constitutional amendment that would put the vice president in charge for the temporary period that the president would be unable to do the job. Often, angry lefties on Twitter invoke the “25th” on the premise that Trump is “mentally unfit” for office.

Back to the idea of a second “impeachment.” Clearly, Cusack’s political leanings are driven by a blind hatred of President Trump. On March 20, Cusack told the president to “Rot in hell” for his pandemic prevention. The actor’s ravings are also motivated by a desire to make Bernie Sanders’s socialist revolution happen. Cusack is a huge Sanders fan and back when Sanders still had a chance in the 2020 presidential race, the unhinged actor posted a since-deleted revolutionary screed against the DNC.

He tweeted, “Fuck dnc & Bloomberg –Who want ONE thing-to stop sanders – ok you wanna make this like 68 ? U want to lie – try to buy it & Just shove it down our throats? F U C K you. We are coming for you too – believe it.”

Yeah, he seems rational.

Make no mistake, impeaching Trump twice isn’t just the hare-brained delusion of one actor breaking bad. It seems that the usual suspects in Democrat-controlled Congress are mulling over a way that it could be done. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) announced that he and fellow representatives may push for a “9/11-style” commission on the president’s Coronavirus response.

In addition to his ideas of a second impeachment, Cusack also lashed out at Trump supporters on social media, taunting them that they’ll soon start seeing people they know suffer and die because of the president they support.

In the early morning of April 1st, Cusack wrote, “I like how trolls bots and freaks who are about to see people around them die Are still defending.[sic] Trump like good little obedient pets.”

Yeah, Cusack might want to take his opportunity to feign like that was an April Fool’s joke, because that’s pretty unhinged.