Merry Impeachmas: BBC Commissions Choir to Sing ‘12 Days of Impeachment’

December 23rd, 2019 2:38 PM

With the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump so close to Christmas, it wasn’t long before partisan sham received it’s own holiday spin from the media. BBC arranged a professional choral performance of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” updated with lyrics about the political hit job, because honestly, the congressional rebuke of the President is a more festive occasion for the liberal media than the birth of Jesus Christ.

BBC News presented video of the “Washington International Chorus,” a D.C.-based, non-profit choir singing the classic Christmas carol with a politically charged update. Video posted by the outlet featured the ensemble decked out in festive, Christmas colors and singing in a cathedral about how the “impeachment inquiry unfolded.” To call it cringeworthy would be an understatement.

The updated lyrics sung by the chorus included: “On the first day of Christmas, Congress gave to me, an impeachment and divided country.” The chorus then progressed through all the 12 days of Christmas, each featuring something specific to the political process. The chorus sang, “on the second day of Christmas, Congress gave to me, Two leaders phoning” — as in Trump’s call with Ukraine PM Zelenksy — “and an impeachment and divided country.” And so on and so forth.

Eventually the final round of the famous carol, where all twelve gifts are sung, read this way:

12 tweets an hour, 11 months campaigning, tensions that are rising, nine viral moments, eight more subpoenas, 70 hours of viewing, six House committees, FIVE WEEKS OF HEARINGS, four legal scholars, three amigos lunching, two leaders phoning, and an impeachment and divided country.

BBC captioned video of the performance with description of the impeachment’s historical precedent. “President Donald Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached, exactly one week before Christmas. He now faces a trial in the Senate that will decide whether he remains in office.” BBC then explained that they commissioned the “Washington International Chorus” to perform the politically savvy carol.

Don’t let the name of the choir fool you. These singers aren’t the official, go-to group for capitol musical performances. The “Washington International Chorus” is a non-profit, comprised of diversity-obsessed lefties. The group’s website claimed “singers are committed to performing music that is representative of various countries by tapping into the vast potential of cultural diversity in the Washington DC metropolitan area and surrounding areas.”

We’ll just add this to the ever-growing Christmas catalogue for Trump haters. It fits nicely with the celebrity-sung carol, “We Wish You a Mueller Christmas” and “the infamously bad “(Mueller,) All I Want For Christmas Is You” from “Saturday Night Live.”