De Niro Raves: Trump Is ‘Fake Billionaire,’ ‘Total Huckster,’ ‘Genuine Loser’

November 11th, 2019 6:34 PM

MSNBC host Joy Reid certainly doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to her anger for President Trump, though she certainly outdid herself in the TDS department this weekend by inviting eternally-Trump-triggered actor Robert De Niro on to her show to do what he does best: talk trash about the current president.

Reid began her AM Joy segment on Saturday with a line from her book “The Man Who Sold America,” claiming the president “seems ripped right out of that comic book/supervillain universe and determined to revel in causing chaos.” Now that’s topical. She stated, “Another thing people compare Trump to? Well, that would be a gangster.” Cue famous movie gangster De Niro, whom she asked about impeachment.

De Niro started, “If we don’t go through this impeachment inquiry, we’re letting him get away with something. He can’t get away — we just gotta move forward and take our chances.” Oh, “something,” eh? That sounds convincing. Sounds like even De Niro’s admitting this inquiry is another fishing expedition (see also: “witch hunt.”) He added, “He has done something wrong. He has to pay for that.”

Joy then brought her contrived comparison between Trump and De Niro’s recent gangster movies. The Irishman reminded her of “this idea of Donald Trump sort of having a gangster-ism about him.” This got the actor really going.

“I have know idea why they [Trump supporters] follow him, because he’s not even a good gangster… I think in the real gangster world he wouldn’t last long.” Well, take it from a fictional gangster himself.

Even Joy got in on the tough guy-isms, claiming, “people seem to be afraid of him, but it isn’t clear to me why. When you ask, ‘Well why are people afraid?’ they’re like, ‘Well because he’ll tweet at me.’ He’s tweeted at me, it didn’t hurt me.” Take that, Donald.

De Niro agreed, adding that what bothers him more is that “someone will come along that’s a lot worse than Trump. He’s just obtuse, he’s dumb. But when you get somebody who comes along who’s smart, who knows how to work it… he has none of that… In a certain way we’re lucky.”

Interesting perspective on the man the left routinely compares to Hitler. Well, it seems mega Hitler is on his way. De Niro warned, “A generation — two or three from now — this is gonna happen again, and he will be a teacher — what he [Trump] did wrong, this person will feel that he can do it this way.”

Reid then asked De Niro about what he thinks America will be like after Trump, to which he claimed, “We have a lot of making up to do, reparations to do with other countries.” He mentioned the necessity for having a “mature,” “grown-up” president, and praised candidate Pete Buttigieg, and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg as examples of these.

Reid asked, “Are you concerned [about] ... yet another billionaire coming in and saying they’ll save the world? That was Trump’s theme.”

The actor quipped, “Trump’s not a billionaire, he’s a fake president. He calls everything fake, because he knows he’s fake. He’s a loser. He is a genuine loser… He’s a total huckster. He’s a hustler.”

Reid laughed and pointed out the fact that what “angers [Trump] the most” mad is that fact that he can’t get Hollywood approval. “The rejection from people like you is what bugs him the most,” she added, somehow oblivious to the fact that this petty, gossip-ridden interview makes them both look like the “genuine losers.”