MRC’s Dan Gainor Blasts Washington Post For ‘Nice’ Obituary on ISIS Leader

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Dan Gainor, MRC’s Vice President of Business, TechWatch and Culture, appeared on Fox’s Trish Regan Primetime to discuss the how the media’s bias against Donald Trump is so insane that they will treat terrorists better than the President of the United States.

Fox Business host Trish Regan began her discussion on The Washington Post’s most recent egregious headline, one couching ISIS leader, “serial rapist” and world terrorist number one, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar.” The Iraqi-born leader of the bloodthirsty Islamic State was killed under President Trump’s orders Saturday evening, and rather than the Post praise Trump for ridding the world of this evil, they wrote what Regan called a “nice piece” on the terrorist.

Regan asked whether the media are really “going to resist, even on something like this?” Gainor replied, “Of course they are.”

Gainor explained, “They’re giving new meaning to the old expression, ‘Dumb as a post.’ You take someone who is a serial rapist, a mass murderer — a monster the kind we don’t even see very often in the world — to kill thousands, to terrorize people across the Middle East, and yet he gets a better treatment in the obit than Donald Trump gets from the paper every day.”

He also pointed out how, on top of all that, WashPost contributors Greg Sargent and Max Boot (“the ostensible conservative”) attacked Trump over vanquishing the face of radical Islamic terror. Boot took great exception to Trump describing Baghdadi as a "coward."

“They can’t help themselves,” Gainor concluded.

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