Sweet Relief: Alec Baldwin Contemplates Ending ‘Mediocre’ SNL Trump Impression

April 4th, 2019 4:45 PM

Good for literally every sound-minded person on the planet: Alec Baldwin says he’s going to start winding down his terrible impression of Donald Trump. Sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Baldwin intimated that he might be starting to grow tired of the role, and that it’s the SNL producers who “keep pulling me back in.” Sad!

When Fallon asked Baldwin about the infamous impression on the Wednesday late night segment, the actor expressed that he has “no firm commitment to continue the cold opens that so irritate the president.” Well, when your entire schtick is a buffoonish character based on partisan BS from the now fully-discredited CNN, it might be wise to cut the crap.

While Baldwin still shows up to the NBC comedy’s political sketches, he seemed to be losing interest. Fallon asked how long Baldwin could see himself still performing the role, to which the actor replied, “I don’t know. I just don’t know. We do it about once a month.” Baldwin explained that his friendship with SNL producer Lorne Michaels allows him to have a “loose commitment to the character.”

“Lorne will call me up and be like, ‘Are you coming this weekend?'” He added, “They keep pulling me back in.”

During the early days of the Trump presidency, Baldwin would be a regular SNL guest, donning the yellow hairpiece, morphing his face into the way-too-intense Trump grimace and pointing a mirror at Donald Trump’s “criminality” and love for Vladimir “Puti.” But lately, his appearances have been less and less frequent. Baldwin mentioned that part of the reason might be he’s tired of all the backlash he receives. He claimed that each Trump cold open he does is “like lighting a fuse.”

Well, putting out that much undeserved hate, especially during SNL’s Russian Collusion-heavy sketches, has been shown to cause at least a tad bit of controversy, especially when Trump’s Twitter gets involved.

Baldwin also implied that he’s not very impressed with his own spin on the president. “We gotta kind of drive it and make it brassy and loud and fast, so I do my world famous mediocre Trump impersonation that sort of fits into the show.” Hey, call Baldwin a crazy, rage-prone liberal, but you certainly can’t claim he lacks self-awareness on this point.