Hollywood/Social Media Stars Blame Conservative Americans for NZ Terror Attack

Since the terrorist attack that killed 49 people in New Zealand happened, the media have been looking for someone (besides the shooter) to blame. Several of the more extreme and idiotic social media/Hollywood personalities have found it, close to home.

If you guessed that they would point the finger at American conservatives like Donald Trump or Ben Shapiro for an attack that happened in another country at the hands of an isolated madman, then you’re right on the money.

Westworld star Jeffrey Wright hopped on Twitter to blame the incident on Donald Trump, claiming, “Waiting for remarks from @realDonaldTrump on New Zealand’s radical white racist terrorist attack like waiting for Bin Laden’s next cave video. Blood on his mouth...once again. This is clear.”

In another tweet mocking the president’s “Warmest wishes” condolence to victims, Wright made another Bin Laden crack: “Bin Laden sends warmest sympathy & best wishes to all New Yorkers.” 

The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead unleashed her own hate for the Trump family, slamming Donald Trump Jr. for his tweet asking the media not to fixate on the killer. The unhinged abortion-worshipper responded to the president’s son, tweeting, “Says the man who poses for pictures with the living beings he slaughters for sport. GFYS.” [Go Fuck Yourself] Well that’s definitely the pot calling the kettle black considering her intense ardor for killing unborn babies. Excuse me, I meant minutes-old babies.

George Wallace couldn’t just spread love or condolences like the rest of rational humanity either. The comedian tweeted that it was Donald Trump’s fault: “So sick of the hate. So sick of the body count. And our sorry ass excuse for a leader is out there teasin' violence. If you're still on that man's team you've lost something deep inside yourself. Find it.”

Twitter feminist and radical lefty activist Amy Siskind knew where the blame lay, and for her it sure wasn’t solely at the feet of some deranged gun-toting New Zealander but at the feet of Trump’s America. Siskind tweeted, “There was a time not long ago when the U.S. was the moral and human rights leader around the world. Under Trump, we are the inspiration for white nationalist terrorism. This has to stop! Republican leaders you need to speak out - this is a stain on our country -no more silence!

Popular YouTube and Vine content creator Vic Berger had a rant about the shooting as well, this time directly blaming Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro for inspiring the murder spree, as well as an earlier one. Berger tweeted, “.@benshapiro claims no responsibility for helping to radicalize the 2017 Quebec City mosque shooter despite evidence that he did. Shapiro and members of the far-right spread their hate non-stop and then play victim when a fan of theirs takes action.”

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