Lefty Celebs Berate ‘Unrecognizable’ ‘Hypocrite’ Melania Trump For Defending Herself

After Melania Trump called out the “opportunistic” media during an interview with Sean Hannity, and after the First Lady’s spokeswoman came to her defense during the ensuing media brouhaha, lefties in showbiz and the media have doubled down on the insults. They’ve taken to slamming Mrs. Trump as a “hypocrite” and a “birther,” while also hurling attacks at her “unrecognizable” appearance, particularly at her new, blonder hair.

On Sunday Comedian Kathy Griffin went after Mrs. Trump, calling her a “hypocrite.” The always enraged liberal loon tweeted, “@FLOTUS is a birther… she’s a hypocrite just like her husband.”

Billy Baldwin responded to news of Trump's Hannity interview with a disgusting post prompting one to wonder whether he or his brother Alec was the more unhinged of the two. The younger Baldwin brother tweeted at both Donald Trump and his wife: “Just saw the teaser for it on Fox… Check it out.” The caption referred to an image of the first lady coupled with a satirical quote that stated, “Donald was fat old man, but he rich, so we make fuck.”

Broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien (former CNN anchor and current host of Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien) went after the First Lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, who defended the First Lady’s reputation in a Sunday CNN op-ed. O’Brien tweeted that of course Grisham has to put a high level of “spin” on Mrs. Trump’s statements, because she has disqualified herself from doing a good job by her support of Trump’s “birther” comments.

The anchor tweeted, “Lady — I get you’re her spokesperson, so you have to spin, hard, every day. But your boss @Flotus is a birther. Let’s chat about that first.” And when Fox News pundit Howard Kurtz tweeted that “Melania is subjected to a particularly brutal kind of treatment and mockery,” O’Brien responded with, “Oh shut up, Howie. You’re utterly full of it.

Real Housewives of Miami star and online beauty blogger Lea Black didn’t mince words about Mrs. Trump, slamming her for her own immigrant heritage and “birther” hypocrisy. In a lengthy tweet, Black wrote, “Cry me a river for this immigrant and her chain migration family. She complains non stop about her ‘job.’ That’s one thing she didn’t plagiarize from Michelle Obama. Her Dad a member [sic] of the Slovenia Communist Party. And she is a birther.”

Media members also went after the First Lady for her recent style choices that she debuted during her interview with Sean Hannity. For example, actress Lisa Ann Walter tweeted out what she thought should have been the Fox News headline during the interview, writing, “MELANIA GOES BLONDE- in desperate attempt to divert Trump’s attention from Ivanka & looming impeachment; her primary GRU directive.”

InStyle magazine also debuted a petty article focusing on Mrs. Trump’s falling approval numbers. On top of that the publication hypothesized that the lightening of her hair may have been a desperate attempt to distract from that news, and make her more palatable for viewers who enjoy the bleach blonde conservative pundit look.

On Friday the publication wrote, “with Melania’s approval ratings plummeting 11 percent between October… to now… the move [Mrs. Trump’s lighter hair color] may be interpreted as an attempt to connect with those loyal Trump supporters who find comfort in the Megan Kelly clones.”

On that theme, Mrs. Doubtfire screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer propped up Michelle Obama while trashing the First Lady, tweeting, “Michelle Obama's book: Becoming[;] Melania Trump's book: Becoming Unrecognizable.”

It’s good to see that Mrs. Trump is taking on the media in an aggressive way, as they’ve been brutal to her as of late, in particular smearing every bit of charm and elegance that she tries to bring to the White House. However if this was Michelle Obama, we all know that this would be a much different story.

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