NBC's 'Chicago Med' Lies, Claims Pro-Life Laws Punish Women Who Miscarry

February 22nd, 2024 9:47 AM

Last night, Chicago Med promoted the dangerous lie that women who miscarry might get arrested and be denied medical care in a pro-life state.

This insidious falsehood has been pushed in liberal establishment media to deliberately create fear in women who do not know the truth about state pro-life laws, none of which ban treatment for miscarriage.

In the episode, "I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You," a pregnant woman named Kaitlin (Katie Anne Moy) arrives at the hospital in a state of septic shock after a long trip from an unnamed rural area.  Her husband Eric (Rammel Chan) tells the OB/Gyn, Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram), that Kaitlin's water broke at 15 weeks gestation, but doctors were "afraid" to treat her and "she didn't wanna get arrested." 

Asher: Tell me what happened. 

Eric: Kaitlin's water broke. Everybody said the fetus couldn't survive at 15 weeks, but it was still alive, so doctors were afraid to do the D&E. She didn't wanna get arrested. Where we live, that could happen. They sent us home. Kaitlin got sicker and sicker. And I kept calling, and they kept telling me it wasn't a life-threatening emergency. Finally, I just gave up and started driving here. Kaitlin's from Chicago. When we got married, we moved to my family's farm, where I grew up. We were so excited when Kaitlin finally got pregnant. She's been so worried she's not gonna be able to again. 

This plotline is the sort of fearmongering peddled by abortion activists to scare pregnant woman. Not a single abortion ban in the United States prevents treating a pregnant woman in this situation. Abortion activists and their media fluffers push this disinformation so often that it is they, not pro-lifers, who place women's lives in danger by creating false hysteria.

The show lays the scare tactics on even thicker after Kaitlin's life is saved. Eric tells her they will move to a different place, presumably one where abortion is legal, so she can get pregnant again without worry.

"If you decide you want us to try again, you don't have to be afraid," he says. 

"Well, it's good to know there's some good guys in the world," Dr. Asher says outside their room.

"Yeah," a nurse agrees. 

In the delusional mind of abortion proponents, a woman should only want to become pregnant in a state that fails to protect children in the womb and men who live in states protecting such children are bad.

Since the strategy of "shout your abortion" failed so spectacularly over the last decade, activists after Roe are now turning to panic-inducing takes like "if you miscarry, pro-lifers will arrest you or let you die!" 

Sadly, there may be women who see this episode and falsely believe such a storyline could happen to them. It's cruel to mislead women this way, but Hollywood has been working hand in hand with the abortion movement for decades to deceive women. Last night's episode was just the latest manipulation.