Killer in CBS' 'The Equalizer' Is Congressman Against Open Borders

April 17th, 2023 1:58 PM

Sunday night's episode of CBS's The Equalizer could have been a parody as it checked off so many of the left's delusional paranoid fantasies.

An evil, conservative, white male politician? Check.

A burly, white guy harassing a Latina congresswoman in front of her house over immigration? Check. 

A saintly "migrant" (i.e. illegal immigrant) wrongly accused of a crime? Check again.  

In Sunday's episode, "No Good Deed," an illegal immigrant from Venezuela is falsely accused of killing a pro-open borders congresswoman after she takes him and his wife into her home. The couple, Jaime and Marisol Perez, are among a group sent to New York on one of the "migrant buses":



Man: Why is this bus stopping here? Are they lost?

Woman: I don't know. 

Congresswoman Elena Acevedo: This is a shameful stunt. These people have fled unthinkable situations, only to be greeted in the U.S. by a calculating prankster posing as a caring politician. They're human beings, not political pawns. And they need our help. That's why I've invited Jaime and Marisol Perez into my home, to give them the support they need until they can get on their feet. I'm trying to lead by example.

Ah yes, those "calculating" politicians whose states are being overrun by insane open borders policy. How dare they think that politicians supporting such policies in the first place ought to share some of the burden. 

After the congresswoman is found murdered in her home, Jaime Perez is charged. Marisol seeks out the Equalizer, Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah), to help exonerate her husband.

Robyn and her team, including computer genius/hacker Harry (Adam Goldberg) and his wife Mel (Liza Lapira), at first suspect the real killer may be a white guy named Clay (Zachary Le Vey) who has been protesting every day outside of Acevedo's private home.

Harassing people outside their homes is something that leftists are actually famous for, but never mind. Clay is a big, burly, pale-skinned male who meets all the requirements to be a potential villain in a television script:

Robyn: What do we know about this guy Clay?

Harry: NRA member, active hunting license and he was on an extremist podcast last month, voicing his very strong viewpoints about the migrant crisis. 

Robyn: And let me guess. He wants to welcome them with open arms? 

Harry: Yeah, more like firearms

Harry and Mel go to the gun range to confront Clay. After he begins to get threatening, petite female Mel somehow takes him down with her roundhouse kicks and physical prowess because that is totally realistic. When you wonder how people can pretend biological men are the same as women, know that the stage was first set with stupid scenes like this.

After all that, it turns out that Clay isn't the killer and has a valid alibi. But don't worry, white males aren't off the hook yet. In the left's eyes, they are the root of all evil.

Robyn and her team continue the hunt and discover that somebody attempted to bug Elena Acevedo's home:



Mel: Okay, so who would want to spy on Elena? 

Harry: I mean, most of Congress hates her, half of all registered voters, every single conservative media outlet. 

Robyn: Let's start with Congress. If anyone has access to this kind of equipment, could be someone there. And Elena's migrant bill was her most high-profile piece of legislation. So, who was her biggest opposition?

Harry: Well...probably the guys drafting the opposition bill in play-- Darrin Nicholas, Walter Grey and Jim Bristow. 

Robyn: What are their stories? Any red flags? 

Harry: Nicholas is a former ophthalmologist, joined Congress in 2010 during the Tea Party wave. Walter Grey represents a district upstate, middle of his second term. Oh, and get this-- before joining Congress, Walter Grey was an FBI field agent who specialized in tactical surveillance. 

Mel: Sounds like he'd know a thing or two about bugs, and encrypted text messaging for that matter. 

Harry: He's got a history of turning some really vocal opponents to flip at the very last second and support his bills. I mean, I don't know, maybe this is how he does it. 

Robyn: Spies on his enemies, then blackmails them into submission. 

Mentioning an ophthalmologist who was elected during the Tea Party wave is an obvious reference to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a man who has been a true victim of left-wing political violence. Somehow, no show ever creates a true-to-life script revolving around what he or other Republican politicians have suffered for their beliefs.

And last I checked, FBI type surveillance is being waged against conservatives, but leftists project the things their side does onto others. Hollywood is no exception.

It turns out Walter Grey, the anti-open borders congressman, had blackmailed Acevedo's aide, coercing the aide to bug her boss' home. Acevedo caught her, and the aide killed her boss in the struggle. 

To cover up what happened, Grey has the aide murdered. A killer conservative congressman, of course.

Do these television writers ever feel embarrassed about how thick they lay on their hatred against conservatives? Is shame even possible in Hollywood?