Freeform’s ‘The Fosters’: God’s Trust Means Finding the Perfect Gay Boyfriend

On this week’s edition of The Fosters, titled ‘Trust,’ we learned that if you’re a lost, alone, recently dumped teenage boy who trusts God, then you too will find the boyfriend of your dreams.

At least, according to this kid at the high school Christian support group :

Group Leader: In the Psalm of David, he tells us that his trust in God is why he prevailed when he was pursued by Saul and all of his armies. So what do you think your trust in God does for you?

Noah: Well, for me, um, most of you guys know I got dumped this summer, and it hit me hard. But what I've realized is that there's nothing wrong with me, that I didn't do anything... That I'm not bad, you know? And that God's gonna send me the boyfriend I want when the time is right.

Group Leader: Yeah, I have no doubt about that, Noah. Because trusting God means trusting yourself. Trusting that you're loved, lovable and perfect, just the way you are.

I must have been sick the day they taught this at Catholic school. Because I definitely don’t remember that particular lesson.

Yes, there’s the obvious inconsistency and blatant hypocrisy of Christianity being used to make someone feel good and hopeful about something relating to a lifestyle that Christianity teaches is sinful. In addition, enforcing the ideal that you’re “perfect” and not in need of change, while continuing to live a sinful lifestyle.

But it’s more than that. It’s the rewriting of what Christianity says and means in order to support a leftist agenda, and the unchallenged ease with which they do it.

“Oh, Christianity doesn’t support what we believe?”

“No problem. We’ll have a gay student church group meeting, which says there’s nothing wrong with it and that you don’t have to change.”

“Oh, Black Lives Matter is chanting about wanting dead cops?”

“Let’s have the Huffington Post write some bat-excrement crazy article saying that Jesus would be down with BLM if he were here.”

The left loves adopting, or co-opting, things that can’t or won’t speak for themselves. At least, in the ways that normal people understand. Because in adopting those things, they can change their intent and meaning to whatever they please.

The silence of the environment has given the left license to peddle every lie imaginable. Trying to, and succeeding in convincing almost all of society that we’re killing the Earth.

Now, the left is trying to speak for Christianity. Not because Christianity can’t speak for itself. But because Christianity speaks a language that is understood only by those with eyes and ears of faith.

A voice that falls on deaf ears when it comes to the left.

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